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From state reporting to strategic partnerships, Qualifacts has solutions regardless of your location. We are here to help you navigate various regulatory and incentive programs—Quality Payment (MIPS or APM), CCBHC, Value-Based Reimbursement (VBR), and other federal and local regulations. With nearly 25 years of experience, customers in all 50 states, and a team of industry experts behind us, we have what you are looking for in a behavioral health and human services technology partner. See our capabilities in your state below.

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Capabilities for Your Unique State Needs

As your partners for innovation and growth, Qualifacts is committed to helping you deliver the best care possible, now and into the future. Our unified behavioral health platform is designed to support providers’ core operations and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of complex state requirements. Explore some of our state specific capabilities.

As requirements for data collection and reporting in Arizona continue to evolve, having a comprehensive EHR is vital.

  • Utilize a comprehensive billing module with functionality to support AHCCCS Box 19 billing requirements.
  • Integrate with Contexture HIE for Arizona, including outbound ADT message type and SMI data.
  • Ensure compliance with continuously updated and maintained state reporting (AHCCS / DUGLESS) to enhance revenue collection efficiency.
  • Conduct comprehensive biopsychosocial assessments for treatment planning with integrated American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria.
  • Use Clinical Quality Measure (CQM) tools for meeting federal Clinical Quality Reporting requirements and tracking KPIs for quality improvement.
  • Have peace of mind knowing Qualifacts’ EHRs are certified with SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II and SOC-2 Type II, utilizing securely managed servers in state-of-the-art data centers for maximum data protection.

Click here for more information about our Arizona capabilities.

With requirements for interoperability and reporting continually evolving, California providers rely on Qualifacts to support them through the challenges of CalAIM initiatives.

  • Utilize a billing module aligned with CalAIM requirements and Short-Doyle/Medi-Cal with integration to IBHIS.
  • Gain comprehensive reporting to track consumer movement and placement across multiple providers and systems to support whole person care.
  • Facilitate care coordination with versatile integrations (LANES, SacValley, etc.).
  • Use configurable forms for statewide screening and transition tools for adult and youth screening, and transition of care.
  • Access liability worksheet and expanded liability processing capabilities that support handling for UMDAP, Share of Cost, and Sliding Fee Scale.
  • Access client, outcome & program data in one convenient location with business intelligence dashboards.

Click here for more information about our California capabilities.

With Qualifacts’ scalable platform, Florida providers can easily adapt to state laws and prepare for value-based reimbursement (VBR).

  • Simplify complex Florida program and funder-specific requirements with a powerful rules-based billing matrix.
  • Gain comprehensive assistance for FASAMS reporting and CCBHC requirements.
  • Configurability ensures agencies can easily adjust to new state laws and the shift towards value-based reimbursement.
  • Protect revenue through accurate reporting of state revenue source requirements that prevent compliance gaps.
  • Use intuitive residential features for quick bed search and placement, bed holds, census reporting, and eMAR.

Click here for more information about our Florida capabilities.

Illinois providers need efficient EHR solutions that can keep them ahead of change as new state initiatives and VP-CST programs require additional reporting.

  • Simply compliance with best practice reporting modules that support Illinois-specific requirements (IM+CANS, DARTS/SUPR, registration etc.).
  • Integrate with HIEs, RHIOs, physical health, and wrap-around services.
  • Stay compliant with VP-CST program’s additional reporting requirements.
  • Demonstrate population health outcomes with the configuration of outcome dashboards.
  • Expand services with functionality for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) and value-based reimbursement (VBR) models.
  • Access flexible EPCS, eMAR, and bed management tools to enhance operational efficiency.

Click here to learn more about our Illinois Capabilities

As Massachusetts advances its behavioral health reform roadmap, having a unified technology platform becomes crucial.

  • Maintain compliance with evolving state initiatives through continuously updated and maintained state reporting (MSDP, DPH-EI, etc.).
  • Connect seamlessly with PVIX, HIEs, RHIOs, local hospitals, and other systems for integrated data sharing.
  • Track and illustrate client outcomes using real-time data, configurable dashboards, and visualizations via Business Intelligence.
  • Minimize errors and redundant tasks with a comprehensive integrated billing system.
  • Enable work from anywhere with mobile solutions capable of operating in both disconnected and offline modes for community care and crisis services.

Click here for more information on our Massachusetts capabilities.

From state reporting compliance to Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) expansions, our platforms support Minnesota providers every step of the way.

  • Maintain compliance with regular updates to state reports, including DAANES and MHIS.
  • Enhance care coordination through integration with the Koble-MN Health Information Organization (HIO).
  • Enable clinicians to assess the impact of service utilization through Clinical Quality Measure dashboards.
  • Ensure the delivery of culturally specific and responsive treatment services in substance use disorder programs through configurable reporting.
  • Improve client progress tracking and process optimization with real-time data, assessments, and outcome instruments.
  • Meet regulatory requirements with support for Diagnostic Assessment State Reporting.

Find out more about our Minnesota capabilities

To meet evolving client needs and Missouri compliance requirements, providers require a highly configurable behavioral health platform.

  • Leverage health information through integration with the CLIVE data warehouse.
  • Gain comprehensive support for State Reporting (CIMOR) and Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) requirements.
  • Integration with Missouri CareManager to enhance coordination.
  • Incorporate the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria for level of care determination.
  • Monitor KPIs with Business Intelligence to evaluate service costs related to clinical outcomes.
  • Strengthen continuity and quality of care with modules for residential, inpatient, and integrated primary care.

Click here to learn more about our Missouri capabilities.

Qualifacts’ EHRs simplify care, compliance, and performance measures for North Carolina’s behavioral healthcare and human services providers.

  • Accommodate different payment models for LMEs and MCOs with a comprehensive billing module.
  • Leverage functionality that supports State Health Homes, PCMH programs, CCBHCs, and VBR Models.
  • Configure reports and dashboards for quality metrics and outcomes that support state mandates.
  • Seamlessly integrate with HealthConnex HIE, RHIOs, and other systems.
  • Streamline your Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) with mobile solutions that function off-line/disconnected.
  • Utilize our industry expertise in meeting state and federal data requirements for administrative, demographics, and outcomes data to be eligible for public funding reimbursement.

Click here for more information about our North Carolina capabilities.

Qualifacts provides a unified platform with comprehensive EHRs that meet state reporting requirements and adhere to New Jersey’s value-based care mandates.

  • Receive support for essential state reporting requirements, including QCMR and USTF.
  • Align with New Jersey’s state-mandated value-based care (VBC) through configurable reporting and billing modules.
  • Connect with NJII, HIEs, RHIOs, local hospitals, and other systems for comprehensive data integration.
  • Integrate with HHAeXchange to ensure compliance with electronic visit verification (EVV) requirements.
  • Assess service costs related to clinical outcomes using advanced analytics for monitoring KPIs.
  • Seamlessly integrate the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Criteria for determining levels of SUD treatment.

Click here to learn more about our New Jersey capabilities.

With major changes in New York’s behavioral health and human services landscape, now is the time to get prepared with industry-leading technology and expert support.

  • Stay compliant with continuously updated New York state reporting requirements, like OASAS.
  • Gain access to Outcomes Reporting Platform ideal for New York State incentive based DSRIP programs.
  • Utilize functionality for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) and value-based reimbursement (VBR) Models.
  • Facilitate care coordination through versatile integrations with RHIOs (Healthix, HEALTHeLINK, Bronx, Rochester, etc.).
  • Access intuitive residential features for quick bed search and placement, bed holds, and census reporting.
  • Utilize integrated EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) capabilities that support eMedNY’s NYSDOH Medicaid Management Information System.

Click here for more information about our New York capabilities.

With over 250 satisfied customers in Ohio, we have a proven track record of empowering behavioral health agencies like yours to thrive in this dynamic environment.

  • Modify the billing module in real-time to meet Ohio’s evolving ODM requirements.
  • Achieve seamless integration with ClinicSync, HealthBridge, and i2i Population Health for enhanced data sharing.
  • Stay updated on OHBIS and ODM Medicaid changes through continuously updated Ohio-specific reporting.
  • Monitor outcome measures in real-time with advanced analytics and business intelligence tools.
  • Receive ED alerts and notifications directly integrated into your EHR for timely patient information.
  • Utilize a comprehensive billing module that supports various payment models for MCOs and counties, including value-based reimbursement (VBR).

Click here to learn more about our Ohio capabilities.

We understand the needs of Pennsylvania’s behavioral health and human service providers, with over 200 organizations in the state choosing Qualifacts for specialized reporting and value-based reimbursement.

  • Utilize EHR-integrated mobile tools available with or without an internet connection.
  • Simplify electronic visit verification (EVV) compliance through integrations tailored for IBHS and HCBS providers.
  • Support ICWC requirements with adaptable forms, reports, and workflows.
  • Access real-time financial metrics segmented by payers, providers, service types, and programs.
  • Obtain comprehensive support for state and local reporting requirements, including POMS, RIMS, and Bucks County-specific reporting.

Click here to learn more about our Pennsylvania capabilities.

Our ongoing innovation, exceptional customer support, and comprehensive EHR solutions make Qualifacts a trusted partner in delivering quality care and achieving success in the dynamic Texas healthcare landscape.

  • Ensure compliance with Texas reporting requirements, including HHSC, through ongoing system maintenance.
  • Track claims by consumers and programs, including capabilities to generate and edit batches.
  • Gain functionality for Texas-specific T-CCBHC and value-based reimbursement models.
  • Access over 145 forms, including templates for merging data from service documents into state-specific formats.
  • Utilize reporting tools for managing A&B visits with fiscal year summaries and client specifics.
  • Simplify billing processes with fields for Encounter, Appointment Type, Visit Classification, and Crisis included in visit information, serving as matching criteria in billing and revenue code matrices.
  • Functionality for CARE Batching, CMBHS Batching, Encounter Data, and T-Kids reporting.

Click to learn more about our Texas capabilities.

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