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CareLogic EHR by Qualifacts is designed for behavioral health and human services. It boosts efficiency, improves client outcomes, and simplifies billing for organizations of all sizes. CareLogic’s EHR adapts to your needs, offering scheduling, treatment planning, ePrescribing, and more.
For more than 20 years, CareLogic’s technology has enabled exceptional care with operational ease. As needs shift and your organization expands, CareLogic EHR keeps you ahead of organizational transformation by evolving with your agency. Our highly configurable software has built in modularity and interoperability so that your clinical, administrative, and financial teams never miss a beat.
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CareLogic EHR Key Features

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CareLogic’s self-service capabilities empower clinical, compliance, billing, revenue, analytics, and reporting teams to configure data collection, workflows, and alerts their needs evolve. This core configurability helps organizations avoid external consultations and IT interventions, saving them time and resources. CareLogic combines this efficiency with ease-of-use to maximize your resources, enhance productivity, simplify complexities, and accelerate your revenue cycle.

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CareLogic offers efficient and effective clinical collaboration across care teams, to reduce staff burnout, save time, and increase provider satisfaction. Access a library of evidence-based tools, outcome instruments, and real time data on client progress. CareLogic makes care delivery easier with automated workflows in treatment plans and clinical documentation.

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CareLogic helps you navigate special state requirements, generate clean claims data, and meet the needs of value-based reimbursement. Our platform provides ongoing service and information alerts before a claim is submitted. Claim validation reduces errors, improves accuracy and accelerates revenue collection for all billable services. Qualifacts customers have experienced an adjusted collections rate 4% higher than the industry average.

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CareLogic keeps you ahead of compliance and reimbursement changes and supports your organizational transformation. Leverage our decades of adherence and reimbursement experience on federal and state levels. We ensure our customers proactively adhere to laws and incentive programs, including HIPAA, 42CFR Part 2, Promoting Interoperability, Quality Payment Program (MIPS or APM), CCBHC programs, Value-Based Reimbursement (VBR), and other federal and local regulations.

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Outcomes Management Tools

CareLogic outcomes management tools are integrated throughout the platform to enhance efficiency, productivity, and accuracy through a UX optimized interface that drives staff satisfaction and increases workplace retention. Data visualizations and dashboards provide insights to clinicians, staff and executives, enabling teams to improve care delivery and clinical outcomes.

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Treatment Planning

Treatment planning in CareLogic EHR is efficient, intuitive, and streamlined, enabling proper documentation that aligns assessments with outcomes. Our platform supports single-screen views of client information, improving collaboration with caregivers, families and guardians. Easily configure forms and treatment plans to ensure updates and reviews match your required timeframe.

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I/DD and Autism Support

CareLogic’s comprehensive suite of integrated solutions supports organizations that care for individuals with Intellectual /Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) and Autism by streamlining workflows, service documentation, and billing. Reduce potential errors and ensure that medication adherence is timely, correct, and safe with electronic prescribing and medication management. The Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) module gathers all the required back end data elements and transports them to the data aggregator. Our next-generation EHR platform is highly configurable and scalable to meet the complex needs and challenges of I/DD and Autism care delivery.

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Transformational Integration

CareLogic’s robust integrations prioritize client care, coordination, referrals, recommendations, and planning through cross-team transparency and communication.

Our platform infrastructure connects agencies with key data-sharing partners including labs, HIEs, local hospitals, and third-party technology software solutions. This secure and seamless interoperability improves client-centered care, care coordination, and wraparound workflows.

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We recognize that safeguarding data is vital, particularly in healthcare where trust is paramount. To ensure this, we invest heavily in cutting-edge hosting facilities that surpass industry benchmarks. Our CareLogic EHR is hosted on securely managed and continuously supervised servers, adhering rigorously to security and compliance protocols. This encompasses persistent SSL encryption, ONC certifications, and SOC 2 Type I and II certificates. For enhanced protection we provide heightened security measures such as two-factor authentication and Federated Single Sign-On (SSO) via secure third-party Identity Providers (IDPs), bolstering protection while maintaining user convenience.

Additional Features of Our CareLogic EHR Software

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Identify providers by specialty and availability, making it easier to schedule in-person or virtual appointments. Consumer friendly scheduling and appointment reminders improve no-show rates.

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Choose your own analytics tool and data warehouse through our integrations and connectors. Leverage interactive dashboards for organizational and role-specific measurements with ease. Effortlessly generate reports focusing on sixteen Clinical Quality Measures.

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Clinical Decision Support

Clinical decision support tools such as alerts, reminders, and guidelines assist providers in making informed decisions. These support tools can be integrated directly into your programs and services, ensuring that your programs and services align with clinical documentation best practices.

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Elevated Client Engagement

Utilize our virtual care solution and consumer-grade patient portal to enhance client engagement and increase interactions. Reduce time-consuming manual processes with automatic data synchronization between our virtual care solution and EHR platform.

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Interoperability, Configurability, and Visibility for Your Whole Team

The more integrated and coordinated care becomes, the more you need to send and receive information across teams and locations, within your facilities and beyond. CareLogic supports those connections for your teams and your leadership so you can more holistically serve the people in your care.