Credible EHR by Qualifacts

The Top End-to-End Behavioral Health EHR

A sophisticated solution for behavioral health and human service agencies looking to enhance efficiency, improve client outcomes, and optimize revenue collection. Credible supports large enterprise agencies, including Certified Community Behavioral Health (CCBHC) organizations, and providers with multiple locations, programs, and specialties.

20+ years of industry experience have shaped Credible EHR into a comprehensive, highly configurable solution that empowers agencies to navigate the intricacies of care delivery, compliance, and billing efficiently. Credible has been ranked the No. 1 Best in KLAS for Software and Professional Services in Behavioral Health and is widely recognized for its user-friendly interface, mobile accessibility, comprehensive data analytics and deep configurability.

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Credible EHR Key Features

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The Credible EHR can be configured to align with your organization’s unique workflows, programs, and requirements. Agencies can configure clinical, compliance, and billing processes, to enhance productivity, ensure compliance, and accelerate the revenue cycle. Our self-service features enable you to tailor the EHR locally, without relying on vendor customizations, saving you from unbudgeted expenses. These cost savings continue as Credible is built to scale and adapt as your organization grows and evolves. These core configurability features reduce the associated risks and long-term costs of purchasing an EHR that may become outdated or require expensive updates.

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Simplify clinical documentation with user-friendly interfaces, configurable menus, smart screens, and intuitive workflows, to save valuable time and improve overall efficiency. Credible EHR provides the tools and resources clinicians need to deliver exceptional care, like Wiley Treatment Planners, Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS), American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9). Clinical Decision-Making support further enhances care quality and client outcomes with evidence-based treatment suggestions, preventative care reminders and identifying potential drug interactions.

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Credible helps you navigate special state requirements, generate clean claims data, and meet the needs of value-based reimbursement. Get paid faster, easier, and more accurately for the services you provide with integrated HIPAA-compliant billing capabilities. Our configurable financial solutions can adapt to each of our customers’ unique needs, enabling them to achieve 8% fewer claims denials, collect on receivables 24 days faster than industry standard and collect 4% more than the industry standard adjusted rate.

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As you expand services and reach further into the community, it is critical to provide data and decision support at the point of care, especially in remote environments with limited internet connectivity. The Credible EHR addresses this need with a HIPAA compliant mobile application. Data is captured seamlessly on mobile devices, tablets and laptops and providers can schedule visits, access client information, and complete service documentation all through the intuitive app.

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Business Intelligence

We believe that your data belongs to you, and accessing it should be as convenient as possible. Actionable data is available throughout the application, and multiple reporting mechanisms provide users with access to relevant information. Credible EHR offers a fully configurable reporting tool, enabling the creation of custom reports, dashboards, and graphical reporting functionality. With Credible’s Business Intelligence (BI) module, agency data can be quickly visualized, ensuring that the data is not only accessible but also meaningful.

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Residential and Inpatient

Our full suite of features supports agencies throughout the continuum of services, encompassing community-based outpatient and residential programs as well as inpatient care. Care coordination is enhanced through expanded physicians’ orders and treatment planning. Credible’s facility whiteboard and duty log features ensure consistency across different staff shifts. Executive management of census reporting happens through a dashboard that offers visibility into all facilities. Program staff can effectively manage individual room assignments and transfers through a virtual representation of your inpatient and residential clients.

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Expand your service offerings and reach new markets with Qualifacts’ highly scalable platform of EHR solutions. We understand the needs of behavioral health and human service agencies vary, so we built platforms that allow you to configure core functionality and add modules as you grow and evolve services. Our all-inclusive model means any functionality added to the system is available to all customers without version fees. With Credible’s web-based SaaS model we are able to take care of deploying updates and upgrades seamlessly on our end in the cloud, minimizing disruptions to your operations.

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We understand that data security is more than just a necessity; it’s a cornerstone of trust in healthcare. That’s why we invest heavily in state-of-the-art technologies and protocols that exceed industry standards. Our Credible EHR is hosted on securely managed and continuously monitored servers within the United States. We strictly adhere to leading security and compliance standards, including continuous SSL encryption, ONC certifications, and SOC 2 Type I and II testing certificates. For enhanced protection of sensitive health information, we offer two-factor authentication and Federated Single Sign-On (SSO) options through secured third-party Identity Providers (IDPs), enhancing security without compromising ease of use.

Additional Features of Our Credible EHR Software

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More than 60 types of configurable alerts and notifications support quality and compliance, informing staff of time critical documentation, signatures, updates, and filings. Robust notifications and alerts system tracks movement of clients from referral to pre-admission, to intake, to treatment, and finally to discharge.

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Client Engagement

Equip staff with an integrated virtual care and patient portal solution so you can manage telehealth operations with ease. Improve staff and client satisfaction with an easily accessible and consumer friendly experience. Drive client outcomes and increase touches with simplified forms, custom booking pages, and secure video and messaging capabilities.

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Advanced Search

The Advanced Search tool enhances productivity with improved data access for decision-making. It allows information to be quickly accessed and edited in with minimal training, boosting agency performance. This feature enables searches across fields and data sets, including client and billing information. Users can develop individual and global reports, streamlining data reporting processes across the agency.

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Credible’s suite of configurable forms accommodates a wide variety of documentation and comes with a library of more than 35,000 forms. Improve compliance and productivity with configurable form workflows, with tools like form triggers, dynamic forms, and form groups.