Addiction Treatment EHR

Every recovery journey is unique, your EHR should be too

When assisting people in their journey towards recovery, it’s crucial to have an addiction treatment EHR system that caters to your specific substance use disorder (SUD) workflows.

Key Features for Your Addiction Treatment Services

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ASAM Criteria Software

Conduct ASAM Continuum and Co-Triage assessments using ASAM criteria directly from clinical workflows. Qualifacts’ bi-directional integration allows for seamless completion and auto-placement of key elements into client charts for service and treatment planning as well as level of care determination. ​

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Medication Assisted Treatment

Integrated solutions including, MethodOne by Computalogic, to treat individuals with an Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and/or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) through Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs.

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Individual or Group Therapy

Customizable group charting templates seamlessly transition between group and individual notes. Group progress notes allow smooth transitions between group and individual notes, simplifying group attendance tracking.

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Residential and Inpatient

Our solutions cater to residential and inpatient care needs with configurable interfaces. Key features include intuitive bed management, quick bed search, placement and holds, and census reporting.

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Reclaim Time for Addiction Treatment & Recovery with AI

Empower your clinicians to focus on what matters most—addiction treatment and recovery—with Qualifacts iQ, our new AI companion built for behavioral healthcare. Seamlessly integrated with Qualifacts EHRs, this innovative AI tool transcribes therapy sessions and automatically generates comprehensive clinical notes, including progress on SUD treatment plans, in the format you choose: DAP, SOAP, BIRP, Treatment Plan, or Progress Note.

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Addiction Treatment EHR Capabilities

Reduce administrative burden and simplify documentation from end-to-end with Qualifacts’ EHRs and integrated solutions—so your team can focus on what matters most, your clients’ recovery.

Prioritize tailored treatment plans for addiction treatment clients. Integrate assessment scores into treatment plans for goal-oriented care management.

Optimize your billing and reimbursement for addiction treatment with billing, documentation, and reimbursement tools built for addiction management services, along with Value Based Care (VBC) and Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) requirements.

With our integrated electronic prescribing (e-prescribing/eRx), you can safely manage medication, including EPCS for controlled substances directly from the client encounter within the EHR. Our eRx allows users to easily search for medications, view interactions, review current medications, prescribe or change prescriptions, and print or transmit to pharmacy.

Qualifacts integrated PDMP provides access to PDMP data within your EHR, streamlining the electronic prescribing workflows. Staff can quickly make PDMP checks right within their EHR—no clunky external tools necessary. EHR-integrated PDMP data also simplifies compliance with Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substance (EPCS) mandates to boost efficiency and eliminate hassles.

Simplify your medication management while reducing documentation time and human errors. Easily dispense, track, and schedule prescribed medications while ensuring client safety. Simplify administration processes by generating groups for employees and facilities.

Integrate seamlessly with third-party dispensing tools like Methasoft and BD Pyxis MedStation for convenience.

Document medication administration, refusals, and spoilage/waste efficiently with reporting features that aid in medication reconciliation. Additional features include customized administration schedules, client photos for identification, and streamlined documentation for efficient care delivery.

Our EHR solutions seamlessly integrate virtual care capabilities including video sessions for up to 50 individuals, a content library, and secure messaging—ensuring comprehensive and accessible treatment options for patients.

Ensure seamless collaboration among healthcare providers, enhance continuity of care, and improve patient outcomes by addressing both addiction and co-occurring conditions effectively within a comprehensive EHR solution. 

Quickly send and receive lab results by integrating your Qualifacts EHR with approved laboratories. Our solutions can also alert providers of any abnormal results.  

Addiction Treatment EHR by The Numbers

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Generate a report that serves as a legal record of drugs administered to a patient at a facility by a provider

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Safely administer the prescription of controlled substances to your patients

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Million scripts processed per year

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Join a Community of Addiction Treatment Providers

Connect, Learn & Grow Together With Qualifacts Supportive User Groups

Join the Qualifacts EHR User Group to gain access to tips, best practices, maintenance reports, training support, webinars, and more. Have important communications about Qualifacts emailed directly to you and any key staff members and stay updated on all product news.

Expert Support & Partnership

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Our implementation methodology, led by subject matter experts and experienced project managers, helps ensure a seamless EHR implementation. We collaborate with you to migrate legacy data, configure unique workflows, develop and customize reports, and conduct system testing before it goes live to ensure optimal implementation.

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Support & Training

Following implementation, we support the onboarding of staff with a wide range of training resources, including videos, webinars, and training certification classes. Our customer support team, staffed with subject matter experts, prioritizes your needs and provides assistance whenever required.

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Integration & Interoperability

Our experienced integration team collaborates with you to establish convenient access to the data required by your teams, so that people across your organization can visualize, analyze, track, and run reports with ease. Our team’s expertise helps you ensure smooth data integration and effective data utilization.

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Qualifacts Community

Whether you participate in a state user group, or join national discussion groups, including clinical users and CCBHCs, the Qualifacts Community offers online peer leadership. Our forum provides a place to trade best practices, work through challenges, and offer suggestions for upgrades and improvements.