Qualifacts® iQ

AI Therapy Notes for Behavioral Health

Meet our AI therapy notes solution, Qualifacts® iQ, specifically designed to tackle critical behavioral healthcare challenges. With 1 in 5 Americans experiencing mental health conditions every year, and accessible care remaining scarce, Qualifacts iQ emerges as a catalyst for change through AI-powered automation.

Deeply integrated into Qualifacts EHRs—CareLogic, Credible, and InSync—this smart companion will sit unobtrusively beside clinicians as they work to significantly increase efficiency, reduce stress, and improve focus on serving clients.

The initial use case for Qualifacts iQ is automated clinical documentation, which is currently available as a limited release to select customers and will be generally available later this year. Qualifacts also has plans to expand Qualifacts iQ’s functionality in the near future to include additional use cases, such as suggestive intelligence, smart scheduling, predictive modeling, enhanced quality assurance, and more.


What Sets Our AI Solution Apart

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Purpose-Built for Behavioral Health

Qualifacts iQ is developed with input from our behavioral health customers and subject matter experts and its large language models (LLMs) are trained using Qualifacts’ market leading data set.

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Highly Secure & Privately Hosted

Our AI therapy notes solution is privately hosted in a secure environment in North America alongside our EHRs and is being monitored using our security protocols.

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Industry-Leading Data Set

Our in-house AI solution leverages commercially available, rapidly advancing large language models (LLMs) trained exclusively on Qualifacts EHRs and industry-leading data set.

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Formatted AI Therapy Notes

Qualifacts iQ automatically converts transcripts of client sessions into properly formatted therapy notes, allowing staff to be more present with the people they serve.