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The Virtual Care and Patient Portal Solution

Qualifacts OnCall virtual care and patient portal solution is specifically designed for behavioral health organizations to simplify complicated workflows and drive better patient engagement.

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Qualifacts Oncall Overview

OnCall Health Features

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Easily manage booking and forms

Equip your staff with technology to efficiently manage virtual care operations, including automating intake and admissions, form completion, eSignature, and payment.

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Keep patients engaged

Connect with patients in new ways and drive additional bookings through your own white label virtual care apps available on all devices. Take advantage of secure video, instant messaging, and expert technical support.

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Improve business and clinical outcomes

Introduce new revenue streams and improve billing rates for your services and virtual care programs. Capture data that is otherwise unavailable to track the impact of service programs on clinical outcomes.

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Who We Serve

With Qualifacts on your side, you can focus on doing what you do best: providing quality care. Our capabilities provide your clinical, administrative, and financial teams with the tools they need to drive optimal care with operational clarity.

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Join a Community of Empowered Providers With Qualifacts User Groups

Connect, Learn, and Grow Together

We support Qualifacts User Groups with on-staff, nationally recognized thought leaders and experts. The 24/7 virtual workspace allows for sharing information, learning best practices, and engaging with continually updated resources including state-by-state discussions, monthly cohort meetings, and ongoing support.

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At Qualifacts, we are committed to serving behavioral health, rehabilitative (PT/OT/SLP), and human services organizations by providing top-rated EHR solutions and services. Our team consists of seasoned professionals with hands-on clinical and administrative experience in these vital service areas. We understand the unique challenges you face and are here to assist you in selecting the most suitable solutions for your organization’s needs. Let’s kickstart the conversation that can transform your services. Complete this brief form to get started.