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CCBHCs play a crucial role in delivering essential services to communities and must meet rigorous standards for quality measures and outcomes reporting.

As the leading CCBHC solutions provider, Qualifacts proudly serves more than 170 CCBHCs, representing more than 33% of all CCBHCs across the United States.

Qualifacts’ team of subject matter experts provide support and consultation, facilitating collaboration through peer-led CCBHC user groups for sharing of best practices.

Key Features of our CCBHC EHR Software

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Treatment Plans

Support your CCBHC care models with integrated treatment plans. Gain visibility into assessments, outcomes, goals, objectives, interventions, and activities — informed by optional evidence-based decision support at the point of care.

ccbhc billing


Payment models of CCBHCs can be detailed, complex, and vary by grant type, Qualifacts allows you to tie those payment models to claims behind the scenes, enabling accuracy and speed in the revenue cycle management process.

ccbhc mobile


Mobile solutions offer you the freedom and flexibility to provide services to those outside of your clinic’s physical walls, at their homes, or in emergency situations. We go with you, so you can be there with them.

ccbhc reporting analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Celebrate achievements and focus attention where it is needed. With reporting and analytics across various CCBHC models, state by state, you’ll gain visibility into costs, budgets, clinical outcomes, quality, organizational success, and more.

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Experts to Support You

Mary Givens, MRA, CCBHC Program Manager

Mary has been with Qualifacts for 13 years, and previously served as the CEO of a non-profit IDD treatment organization and as the Director of Client Services for clinics dealing with SPMI patients. At Qualifacts, Mary is the enterprise CCBHC expert, supporting clients throughout their journey with this care model.

Numbers You Can Trust

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CCBHCs rely on Qualifacts

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Currently Serving 35 states and D.C.

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Integrations added in the past two years



Standard reports provide actionable insights for data-driven decision making

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Join a Community of Empowered Providers

Connect, Learn, and Grow with our CCBHC User Groups

At Qualifacts, we host a number of peer-led User Groups, including a very popular one for CCBHCs. Our CCBHC User Group is supported by on-staff, nationally-recognized CCBHC thought leaders and experts. The 24/7 virtual workspace allows for sharing information, learning best practices, and engaging with continually updated resources including state-by-state discussions, monthly cohort meetings, and ongoing support. Learn more about the Qualifacts Community and our User Groups.

How We Help CCBHCs

What if your software and technology could reduce the complexity of operating a CCBHC, instead of contributing to it? Our solutions fit you, readily adapting to the unique requirements of your job — and supporting you where you need it most.

  • Qualifacts’ EHR solutions are configurable to meet the unique needs of CCBHCs and allow them to adapt to changing requirements through self-service options. Quickly configure workflows for different services, programs, and roles. Streamline clinical workflows to reduce burnout and create role-based dashboards that display only the necessary information for each job level. Configurability extends to forms, reports, and billing, so you can ensure compliance with state and federal requirements and track Value-Based Care (VBC) quality metrics with ease.
  • Self-service reduces the need for expert IT intervention, allowing agencies to update programs, services, and locations effortlessly. This deep configurability ensures that agencies are well-equipped to meet the complex demands of the CCBHC model now and in the future.

  • Cutting-edge mobile capabilities provide you with the freedom and flexibility to provide services outside of traditional care settings. By bringing the power of a comprehensive EHR directly to clients’ homes or emergency situations, you can provide care, anytime, anywhere. Our mobile solutions enable secure, HIPAA-compliant data capture across various devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and with offline mode you can complete visits even when no internet connection is available.
  • Reduce the administrative load and eliminate paper-based processes with real-time access to client records and documentation. Complete critical clinical processes—such as assessments, treatment planning, and progress notes—right at the point of care. With advanced scheduling features, providers can easily manage appointments on the go. Mobile capabilities not only enhance provider flexibility but also can significantly improve client outcomes, making it an indispensable tool in modern care delivery.

  • Qualifacts revolutionizes the efficiency of CCBHCs with its intuitively designed, configurable workflows. Our platform streamlines clinical processes, from data entry with pre-populated fields to complex care coordination, ensuring minimal clicks and maximum productivity. With our robust form builder tools, you can effortlessly create, deploy, and modify forms and templates.
  • Our EHRs foster seamless collaboration among care teams through interdisciplinary service plans that encourage contributions from all team members. Embedded clinical decision-making tools provide treatment suggestions, preventive care reminders, and drug interaction alerts. Access evidence-based assessments, outcome instruments, and see real time data on client progress.
  • Our workflows are tailored to meet your agency’s unique needs, enhancing satisfaction with user-friendly interfaces. Smart screens and dashboards clearly display essential information, facilitating efficient management of program and client data.

  • Our unified platform enables organizations to scale, diversify services, and foster growth. By offering a fully integrated, configurable platform, Qualifacts guarantees that agencies can customize core functionalities and add new modules seamlessly, facilitating the expansion of service offerings without unexpected expenses.
  • This scalable architecture not only accommodates current needs but supports future expansion, enabling agencies to innovate and evolve within the ever-changing healthcare landscape. With self-service capabilities, agencies are empowered to quickly adapt by incorporating new features or functionalities.
  • Designed with the diverse needs of behavioral health and human service agencies in mind, Qualifacts’ platform facilitates growth and scalability. Agencies can readily adjust to changing regulations and reporting requirements, streamlining operations and enabling the exploration of new markets and services. This ensures agencies are well-prepared to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of the future.

Facilitate seamless data exchange among care partners, integrating comprehensive client records across the care continuum. Through a combination of off-the-shelf and custom integrations, our solutions enable agencies to deliver whole-person care, improve operational productivity, and elevate client outcomes.

Connect with Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs), local hospitals, and other systems. Receive notifications for Emergency Department (ED) visits, hospital admissions, discharges, and transfers. Streamline lab orders and results processing without the need for scans, faxes, or manual entry.

This interoperable framework empowers agencies to share whole-person insights with collaborative care teams based on authorized permissions, ensuring all members are informed and engaged in providing high-quality care.

  • Systems designed to help you navigate compliance complexity. Qualifacts has honed its reporting tools and customer support to help CCBHCs remain compliant with evolving regulations. Our proactive guidance and support can be tailored to your state’s specific reporting requirements and best practices, keeping you ahead of changes and compliant.
  • Stay compliant with laws and incentive programs such as HIPAA, 42CFR Part 2, Promoting Interoperability, MIPS, APM, CCBHC programs, Value-Based Reimbursement (VBR), and other regulatory frameworks. Our platform allows you to generate highly configurable reports and client documentation, using best-practice workflows for effortless outcomes collection and reporting.
  • Benefit from ongoing maintenance information and state updates, coupled with support for data submission to state departments and entities. Our extensive experience in adhering to state and federal requirements will help position your agency to qualify for reimbursement under public funding sources effectively.
  • Access the data you need to complete the annual cost report for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) prospective payment system (PPS) billing. Learn tips for completing a cost report for a certified CCBHC with PPS billing, 12 Tips for Cost Reporting Medicare’s PPS Billing.