Integrated Behavioral Health EHR Platform

With requirements for interoperability and reporting continually evolving, a comprehensive EHR is vital for Missouri’s behavioral health and human service providers.

Customized to meet the unique requirements of Missouri, Qualifacts’ unified platform offers advanced analytics for tracking KPIs, streamlined documentation via user-friendly interfaces and mobile solutions, and a robust Billing Matrix for complex program demands. Our configurable end-to-end EHRs enable providers to configure workflows and processes to their specific needs, avoiding the constraints associated with standard one-size-fits-all systems. As a trusted partner to Missouri providers, Qualifacts delivers comprehensive solutions that cater to state-specific needs and help providers navigate the evolving landscape of behavioral health. Our decades of experience and localized expertise ensure that our customers are compliant and deliver exceptional care.

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Highly Configurable Platform for Missouri Organizations

We partner with Missouri providers to deliver the best EHR solutions for their specific needs. Qualifacts provides comprehensive EHR solutions that not only meet state-specific requirements, but also help you thrive in a demanding and increasingly complex behavioral health landscape.

Promote care coordination via flexible integrations with labs, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs), local hospitals, and other providers.

  • Enhance care coordination with Missouri CareManager integration
  • Integrate with other software to communicate with clients and support better outcomes
  • Automatically send scheduled appointment data to a 3rd party vendor to notify your clients
  • Allow data to be exchanged and populated into fields with intelligent, bidirectional interfaces
  • Streamline your telehealth operations and client engagement while reducing manual work with an integrated virtual care solution

With Qualifacts, you’ll have access to several industry-standard screening tools, evidence-based assessments, outcome instruments, and real-time data on client progress.

  • Access a library of research-backed industry assessment tools, including CANS, PHQ9, DLA-20, and more
  • Tailor assessments to meet the unique needs of your agency and clients
  • Embed assessments within workflows to enhance engagement rates,
  • Incorporate the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria for level of care determination
  • Align clinical documentation with a “Golden Thread” of client data from assessments to treatment plans

Simplify state and federal compliance at every level with Qualifacts. Receive support for Missouri billing and compliance at no additional cost.

  • Gain comprehensive support for State Reporting (CIMOR) and Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) requirements
  • Stay compliant with continuously updated and maintained Missouri State Reporting requirements
  • Simplify requirements with intuitive form development tools that ensure your agency can rapidly adjust
  • Utilize our expertise with state and federal data requirements for administrative, demographics, and outcomes data to optimize public funding reimbursement

Focus attention on where it is needed the most. With outcome reporting and analytics, Qualifacts provides visibility into the data you need to report clinical outcomes, quality, organizational success, and more.

  • Leverage health information through integration with the CLIVE data warehouse
  • Monitor KPIs with Business Intelligence to evaluate service costs related to clinical outcomes
  • Immediately access charts and dashboards, including five levels of reporting to identify gaps in care
  • Provide insight on the client population to help providers achieve clinical outcomes

Bolster continuity and quality of care through the sharing of medical information with an integrated Primary Care module.

  • Expand into primary care with tailored clinical workflows that are configurable to meet your agencies needs
  • Access fundamental primary care billing, clinical, financial, and management functionalities
  • View one integrated client record for clients receiving behavioral health and primary care services
  • Simplify compliance across behavioral health and primary care with the ability to set appropriate security and access to client records

What Makes Us Exceptional

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All 50 States

Customers across the U.S. trust Qualifacts for state reporting and compliance.

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6 Month Average Implementation

Our proven implementation methodology gets your staff up and running quickly.

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Implementation is just the beginning, we’re with you every step of the way.

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170+ CCBHC Customers

Proudly serving 33% of all CCBHCs in the United States.

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$10 Billion Claims Processed Annually

Maximize revenue with seamlessly integrating billing and claims management.

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8.6 Million Lives Covered

Qualifacts’ EHRs simplify workflows, helping you spend more time where it matters most – with clients.

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