How Oregon’s White Bird Clinic Builds and Manages Efficient Clinical Workflows for Care and Compliance with Qualifacts

White Bird Clinic in Eugene, Oregon, needed a configurable, self-managed, specialized EHR platform that was built for behavioral health, mental health, and substance use disorder services, to facilitate clinical documentation, and enhance staff satisfaction.

“Our behavioral health team was in need of an EHR platform and integrated solutions that are actually designed for the work we do. We were worn out trying to make a product that wasn’t designed for us work for what we were doing.” – Amee Markwardt, White Bird Clinic Program Coordinator.

White Bird Clinic chose Qualifacts as its partner and implemented the CareLogic EHR platform, for its configurability, flexibility, ease of use, and self-service capabilities for in-house ownership of updates and changes.

Moede also stated, “The evaluation process and then the implementation process continued to show us how Qualifacts and CareLogic would meet our needs today and into the future, as our programs and services grow and evolve and as payment models and compliance rules change,” said Alex Hauge, White Bird Clinic, EHR System Administrator.

White Bird Clinic was particularly interested in the proven success of the Qualifacts model for implementation, having been down that road before with mixed results. “We came through the switch to CareLogic with promises met, needs served, and teams engaged for partnership, learning, and the ultimate goal of self-management,” Hauge said. “Previously, workflows were not intuitive. Now they are built to our needs, and we can manage changes ourselves when our programs and services change. The implementation process was one of the best project methodology experiences I’ve had working alongside a technology partner.”

“Having gone through another EHR implementation just two years ago, what stood out to me about your approach was just how organized the process was. There was a clear project management timeline with deliverables that were clearly outlined and articulated to our team.  I never worried that someone was dropping the

“We wanted an EHR platform and supporting solutions built and designed for the type of work we do. That’s what led us to CareLogic and to Qualifacts. That’s what we have now,” Hauge said. “Our clinicians and SUD counselors are passionate about their work. Finding a solution that felt cleaner, simpler, and is easier to use gets the technology out of their way and enables them to focus on the people they serve.”

“We needed a better partnership, and we needed a dedicated and specific EHR that would be a better fit for our clinicians, and we got that with Qualifacts and CareLogic,” Moede said. “Previously, things took much longer than they should have. The workflows were slow. Staff dissatisfaction was high. Our Qualifacts implementation team worked with us to remedy those issues in CareLogic set-up, supported by the speed and the efficiencies of the system, and we are seeing the results with our staff today.”

“We are regularly receiving feedback on how much workflow has improved, how much quicker the system is, how much less time people spend documenting. Our teams are thrilled to be in a simpler but more powerful system.”

Streamlining how work is completed, and gaining efficiency and ease of use comes from cross-team collaboration within the organization, to best optimize the capabilities the EHR system offers. White Bird teams worked together with Qualifacts staff to build standardized workflows for specific programs and services, aligned with how day-to-day tasks should progress. “We set up the steps in CareLogic in what the system calls ‘Wizards,’ so they are in the order our teams need them to be, to make work as simple as possible,” Hauge said. “In programs where there’s a lot of required data, and information has to be gathered and shared for various compliance reasons, having the right steps in the right order is critical. CareLogic workflows allow us to gather the needed data efficiently and to report it as we need to.”
Examples, where the CareLogic Wizards drive workflows for data collection that must be accurate, include court-ordered status reports and probation reports.

Hauge added, “CareLogic enables us to gather clinical information and document treatment, while separating what goes to the courts and what is sent out for case management.”  “We have eliminated duplicate efforts, and we have benefited from using the integrated treatment plan CareLogic offers for people we serve through more than one program.”

About White Bird Clinic

Established in 1970, White Bird Clinic is a collective environment located in Eugene, Oregon, organized to enable people to gain control of their social, emotional, and physical well-being through direct service, education, and community. As a Community Health Center (CHC), White Bird Clinic provides compassionate, humanistic healthcare, and supportive services to individuals in our community, so everyone receives the care they need.

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