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Small & Private Practice EHR Software

Increase Productivity and Improve Patient Care

Qualifacts has smaller private practices covered when it comes to our EHR services. With customers in all 50 states, we understand that smaller organizations function differently than enterprise-level organizations. Create a digital workflow that is unique to your staff’s specific needs, easy to use, and scales with you as your organization grows.

EMR Software Solutions for Private Practice

With Qualifacts, you’re investing in your organization’s future by choosing an EHR that grows alongside your private practice while consolidating a multi-software approach into just one system that handles all processes internally, saving you time and money.

Configure each user’s dashboard to create intuitive workflows that are unique to each user group, ensuring your staff members only have access to what they need for their role. This streamlines everyone’s workflows, removing clutter and speeding up internal processes by reducing the number of clicks it takes to complete tasks. You can also create Dynamic Forms with a simple drag-and-drop system, allowing you to customize any forms your organization might need to build with ease.

Easily track your organization’s outcome measures with Qualifacts’ EHR reporting system, giving you everything you need for your value-based care reimbursement models. Our Dynamic Forms feature allows you to create forms that fit your organization’s needs, helping you improve your outcome measures and increase your revenue.

Understand every aspect of your organization’s data with reports for payment activity, AR, aging, advanced patient list, provider productivity, and more. With detailed analytics, you can see which service lines are doing their best and where your organization might require additional support. This allows you to better manage your team and predict your organization’s growth.

By joining the Qualifacts EHR User Group, you gain access to all tips, best practices, maintenance reports, training documentation, webinars, and more. Communications are emailed directly to you and key staff members and are also housed within the Qualifacts Community for quick reference whenever you need it.

Reduce human error through automation, allowing your billing team to focus on other important and complex tasks. CPT codes are automatically assigned once appointments are made and track the encounter all the way through the billing process, adding modifiers as needed. Pull billing reports with unique criteria to better understand the financial status of your organization.

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Key Features and Capabilities

Workflows & Dashboards

Streamline each staff member’s workflow with user-configured dashboards, giving them access only to what they need to complete their job.

Billing Capabilities

Improve your billing process and avoid errors that result in lost revenue through automation, increasing your organization’s cash flow.

Over 100 Reports Ready for Use

Easily find the reports you need with Qualifacts pre-generated reports or quickly create your own with our drag-and-drop Dynamic Forms tool.


Use just one sign-in tool to access everything your organization needs from telehealth, EMR, prescribing, patient check-in, and more with just one solution.

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Join a Community of Empowered Mental Health and Human Services Providers With Qualifacts User Groups

Connect, Learn, and Grow Together With Our Supportive User Groups for Qualifacts EHR Solutions

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At Qualifacts, we are committed to serving behavioral health, rehabilitative (PT/OT/SLP), and human services organizations by providing top-rated EHR solutions and services. Our team consists of seasoned professionals with hands-on clinical and administrative experience in these vital service areas. We understand the unique challenges you face and are here to assist you in selecting the most suitable solutions for your organization’s needs. Let’s kickstart the conversation that can transform your services. Complete this brief form to get started.