InSync EHR by Qualifacts

An EHR that can grow with your agency

Our fully integrated EHR software brings together charting, billing, scheduling, and telehealth into a single cloud-based platform; Qualifacts InSync. We help thousands of practices across the country become more efficient, safe, and productive with fully integrated features including e-prescription, eMAR, automated claims management, ASAM, and more. Made for small and mid-market organizations, InSync is designed to grow alongside your business with the ability to turn on various add-ons as you need them.

InSync lets your staff spend less time wrestling with their EHR system and more time tending to patients.

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InSync EHR Key Features

Qualifacts’ implementation team works alongside yours to fully understand your organization’s needs and implement the InSync EHR with little to no disruption to your daily operations. We offer training that can take place on site, remote, or self-guided, and you will retain access to all of our online learning tools, so you can easily refresh your memory or train any new staff members that join your team later.

Should your team have any questions about InSync after go-live, we have a Qualifacts Community Center where you submit tickets and get help along with tips and tricks from other InSync users just like you.


With InSync, you can use an API weblink on your organization’s website to help patients quickly provide all necessary information, removing the need to make phone calls or physically go to a location just to register and schedule a first appointment. With the InSync API weblink, patients can go to your website to fill out:

  • Intake forms
  • Patient profile
  • Insurance information
  • Appointment details

Once everything has been filled out, patients can even be automatically added to relevant providers’ schedules, quickly getting the patients the care they need. Current patients can also request appointments through this link and be automatically scheduled with their requested provider.

We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to EHRs — that’s why InSync is fully configurable to your organization’s unique needs. During implementation, our team will work with you to set up specialized workflows and dashboards that vary between users or user roles.

InSync allows you to automate your billing process with a robust rules engine to help ease your billing team’s workload. ICD codes are automatically applied to the relevant appointments, and those codes follow the encounter all the way through the billing processes. We help stop revenue leakage to increase your number of successful claims.

InSync uses Model-View-Controller (MVC) technology to allow access to our system on any desktop or mobile device. This way, every functionality on the web is completely usable, no matter the device, giving your team the ability to do anything anywhere.

insync uptime 99%

Are EHR service outages impacting your clients? 

It’s time to switch to InSync so you can give your clients the reliability they deserve. Our InSync EHR solution boasts an industry-leading 99% uptime, so you always have service when your clients need it.  

With InSync’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and data hosted in Amazon Web Service (AWS) and redundant servers in Level 1 data warehouses, you can count on uninterrupted access to critical patient information. 

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Built for You

Built for small and mid-market providers, InSync is made to scale with your practice with the ability to turn on additional tools and capabilities as you need them. In particular, InSync is most used in: