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Florida behavioral health providers are facing increasing challenges and hurdles that require innovative and adaptable EHR solutions. Qualifacts unified platform offers Florida-specific EHR solutions that are highly configurable and scalable as your organization grows. Our end-to-end solutions offer hands-on training and support, enabling your team to work more efficiently, eliminate frustrations, and maximize performance.

Qualifacts offers actionable analytics for KPI tracking, cost evaluation, and data-driven decisions. Our user-friendly documentation, mobile capabilities, and streamlined billing processes help optimize your practice for diverse funder requirements. Our Behavioral Healthcare platform is designed for flexibility, empowering agencies to easily adjust to new state laws and shift towards value-based reimbursement without unforeseen costs. Serving over 150 Florida customers, Qualifacts is dedicated to empowering providers with cutting-edge technology and superior support, enabling high-quality care and positive client outcomes.

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To achieve timely, accurate reimbursement, Florida’s Behavioral Health and Human Service providers need flexibility in their billing. New payers and programs often present specialized billing requirements. With our configurable solutions, we’ll always work to keep you up to date.

  • Protect revenue through accurate reporting of state revenue source requirements that prevent compliance gaps
  • Simplify complex Florida program and funder-specific requirements with a powerful rules-based billing matrix
  • Track claims by consumers and programs, and generate and edit batches
  • View real-time financial metrics, and search by payers, providers, service types, and programs

Configurability ensures your agency can easily adjust to any new state laws and shift towards value-based reimbursement when needed. Clinical workflows, reports, fields, forms, and dashboards are all configurable.

  • Create smooth clinical workflows with configurable forms, reports, dashboards & smart screens
  • Ensure ongoing adherence to Florida state reporting obligations (FASAMS) with the ability to configure reports
  • Eliminate surprise fees and delays with self-service configuration of data & workflows
  • Simplify Florida state and federal requirements with intuitive form development tools that ensure your agency can rapidly adjust

As VBR models become more prevalent, Florida providers need to adjust how to balance improving outcomes with managing the cost of providing services—Qualifacts makes that easy.

  • Configure the billing module to meet unique needs and specific payment models, including the majority of grant models
  • Effortlessly generate custom reports and measure performance against the quality metrics and outcomes required by VBR
  • Track progress, identify areas for improvement, and assess the effectiveness of interventions
  • Tie value-based payment models to claims behind the scenes, enabling accuracy and speed in the revenue cycle management process

Our solutions support Florida agencies throughout the continuum of services, encompassing residential programs and inpatient care.

  • Interfaces are highly configurable to the specific clinical, billing, and management needs of Inpatient and Residential programs
  • Intuitive residential features for quick bed search and placement, bed holds, and census reporting
  • eMAR enables agencies to automatically create claims, customize client medication schedules, and create employee/facility groups for easier administration
  • Electronically order lab tests and receive results, with encrypted security

Qualifacts makes it easy to access all critical data for compiling and analyzing information received from providers, demonstrating improved outcomes, and better treatment protocols.

  • Multiple reporting tools provide comprehensive access to agency data
  • Business Intelligence models provide real-time dashboards to measure KPIs, indicating program impact, compliance, continuous improvement, and expansion requirements
  • Drive real-time, ad-hoc reporting and easily access critical information with Advanced Search tools
  • Create actionable data insights with configurable dashboards and visualizations

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Qualifacts’ EHRs simplify workflows, helping you spend more time where it matters most – with clients.

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