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Rehabilitative (PT/OT/SLP)

Software specialized in physical therapy and speech-language pathology practices.

Rehabilitative therapists and skilled nurses need a therapy documentation system that performs efficiently and allows you to take notes in your flowsheets fast.

Billing features including insurance eligibility verification and automated medical billing rules keep your revenue growing right along with the rest of your practice.

Top-Rate EMR for Pediatric Multi-Therapy 

Our pediatric multi-therapy and PPEC software is equipped with the functionality needed for your outpatient or inpatient practice. With bed management, medication management, and a full suite of features, you get a fully integrated solution configured for your entire practice.

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About Our Platform

An EMR designed with rehabilitative services in mind. We configure the features you need and hide the ones you don’t, cutting out the clutter to help your practice run smoothly and efficiently. Learn more about our Rehabilitative offers on the InSync website.


Fully Integrated and Easy to Use.

Fully integrated practice management and EMR software so your practice no longer has to switch back and forth between programs.

From one login you’re able to handle and even automate billing, scheduling, charting, and more. With our integrated online patient portal, you can also accept payments, capture patient information via custom forms, and collect signatures.

Maximize time.

Quick and efficient charting of your patient notes and SOAP notes for rehabilitative therapy. Our software includes a comprehensive and fully integrated pediatrics module with growth charts and immunization records.


Rehabilitative therapy practices require a system that isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our software is dynamic and flexible, allowing providers to customize their dashboards and host custom forms. You’ll have access to advanced multi-resource, multi-provider scheduling through fully integrated practice management software. With a configurable and color-coded view, your practice managers and schedulers can have complete visibility of schedules down to the individual.

Exercise Flowsheet.  

With a digital exercise flowsheet, you can quickly and accurately note your patient’s vitals, as well the exercise details. Your previous exercises are available, and you can get a detailed view of each exercise with a single click.

Exercise Library.

Working with your patients virtually has never been easier. Effectively improve the patient’s overall health with configurable exercise worksheets. With our Exercise Pro Live integration, you can send your patient’s customized workout plans as videos or printouts.

Total Care.

Intuitive care plans provide therapists with a full snapshot of a patient’s total care and goals. With Comprehensive View you have visibility across each type of therapy within the office or only a single specialty.

Patient Portal.

Give patients an online portal to securely schedule appointments, make payments, fill out forms and communicate with your practice. Our patient portal is fully integrated, allowing for the seamless transmission of data between patient, practice, and provider.

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“One of the most positive things I can say about InSync is that the organization and its technology evolve with us. From a setup and billing standpoint, there were a lot fewer surprises in the system day to day than my previous system, which helps me sleep at night.”

Tom O’Connor, President
Leg Up Farm 

Getting started

  • Solution Icon Solution Icon Implementation

    Our established implementation methodology, led by subject matter experts and experienced project managers, will support your EHR implementation. We work with you to migrate legacy data, configure the software to unique workflows, build standard and custom reports, and test the system before it goes live.

  • Solution Icon Solution Icon Integrations and Interoperability
    Integrations and Interoperability

    Our experienced integration team works with you to build easy access to the data your teams need, so people across your organization can see it, analyze it, track it, and report on it.

  • Solution Icon Solution Icon Support and Training
    Support and Training

    As your organization grows post-implementation, support the onboarding of staff with our extensive training resources, including videos and webinars, and our training certification classes. Our experienced customer support team, staffed with subject matter experts, always puts you first.

  • Solution Icon Solution Icon Qualifacts Community
    Qualifacts Community

    Whether you participate in a state user group, or join national discussion groups, including clinical users and CCBHCs, the Qualifacts Community offers online peer leadership. Our forum provides a place to trade best practices, work collaboratively through challenges, and contribute suggestions for upgrades and improvements.


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