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Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) EHR System

Comprehensive Solutions for Unique Challenges

When your organization is helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those on the autism spectrum to lead meaningful lives in their communities — there is no time to waste struggling through inefficiencies. From preventing revenue leakage, ensuring compliance in billing to charting that follows staff on location – we understand and address your needs, so you can help maximize your client’s potential.

IDD Healthcare Solutions

With Qualifacts, IDD organizations get an easy-to-use system designed to help provide the unique care you offer. As you deliver therapy, daily living services, employment and housing assistance, foster care placement, and medication administration—we help it all run smoothly with one comprehensive solution.

With a fully configurable dashboard, create a smooth workflow for all your clinical notes and assessments. Our easy-to-use and automated solutions keep your staff from being bogged down by complicated processes and draining busy work, keeping staff satisfaction high and reducing provider burnout. You can also create Dynamic Forms with a simple drag-and-drop system, allowing you to customize any forms your organization might need to build with ease.

Easily track your organization’s outcome measures with the Qualifacts EHR reporting system, giving you everything you need for your value-based care reimbursement models. With automated tools, you can easily pull the information you need to help track your organization’s goals.

Easily understand every aspect of your organization’s data with reports for payment activity, AR, aging, advanced patient list, provider productivity, and more. With detailed analytics, you can see which service lines are doing their best and where your organization might require additional support. Pull reports on all clinical outcomes, how fast bills are paid, and any open plans of care to help ensure you’re not losing any revenue.

By joining the Qualifacts EHR User Group, you gain access to all tips, best practices, maintenance reports, training documentation, webinars, and more. Communications are emailed directly to you and key staff members and are also housed within the Qualifacts Community for quick reference whenever you need it.

Ensure billing is filed in accordance will all IDD requirements with Qualifacts’ billing system, configured specifically to handle any unique IDD rules. Never file incorrectly again and get paid sooner and without the hassle.

Qualifacts EHR Support By The Numbers

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Experts With Firsthand Knowledge of Behavioral Health

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Key Features and Capabilities

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We help you prevent any revenue leakage with automated tools, and by helping ensure billing is compliant with all IDD requirements, unlike many other systems that require manual support to bill for IDD services.

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Custom Configuration

Streamline your staff’s workflows with user-configured roles, giving your team access only to what they need to complete their job, removing clutter and simplifying your internal processes.

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Reporting and Analytics

Avoid medication incidents such as missed doses or duplicated prescriptions and keep track of all outstanding service plans while gaining invaluable insights into your business operations.

Patient Portal

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Easily validate every provider visit for all your consumers with Qualifacts’ EVV system, even offline when your staff members go offsite or don’t have access to a secure Wi-Fi connection.

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Join a Community of Empowered Providers

Connect, Learn, and Grow Together With Qualifacts User Groups

Join the Qualifacts EHR User Group to gain access to tips, best practices, maintenance reports, training support, webinars, and more. Have important communications about Qualifacts emailed directly to you and any key staff members and stay up to date on all product news.

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At Qualifacts, we are committed to serving behavioral health, rehabilitative (PT/OT/SLP), and human services organizations by providing top-rated EHR solutions and services. Our team consists of seasoned professionals with hands-on clinical and administrative experience in these vital service areas. We understand the unique challenges you face and are here to assist you in selecting the most suitable solutions for your organization’s needs. Let’s kickstart the conversation that can transform your services. Complete this brief form to get started.