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Clinical Management EHR

Spend more time with patients, less time on paperwork

Qualifacts gives you access to the information you need to make strategic, data-driven decisions. Our integrated solutions help you easily conduct assessments, develop treatment plans, track treatment progress, and much more—all in real time.

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Clinical Management Tools

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Assessments and Outcomes

To drive enhanced outcomes, you need data to know how people in your care are responding to your services.

  • Enable assessments before appointments for review at the point of care
  • Access real‐time data on client progress, from a library of evidence-based assessments
  • Gain visibility of progress and next steps for clients and teams
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Treatment Planning

Streamline the entire process with treatment plans that are specific to each client, by program, or build integrated plans shared across teams.

  • Track progress and outcomes with next steps for clients and teams
  • The recommendations module supports best practices
  • Simple configurations for easy and timely updates and reviews
Patient Portal

Therapy Notes

Configured to your specific clinical workflows with best practices for programs and services, to reduce the number of clicks to document care.

  • Efficiently document individual sessions and group therapy
  • Make easy transitions from group therapy documentation to individual patient notes
  • Sync completed appointments with status updates, billing codes, and claims into your EHR
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Easy, efficient, online e-prescribing in compliance with Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances and Prescription Drug Monitoring Program mandates.

  • Easily manage provider enrollment for EPCS
  • Check PDMP-covered prescriptions easily and quickly at the point of care
  • Track medication adherence and compliance, update prescriptions, and manage refills
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Experts with Firsthand Knowledge of Behavioral Health

Learn how an EHR can maximize your organization’s efficiency by speaking with one of our experts.

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EHR Platforms for End-to-End Productivity

Depending on your organization’s size, state requirements, CCBHC status, client volume, specialties, and more, we will work with you and your team to determine which of our award-winning EHR solutions would best meet your needs.

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Qualifacts™ CareLogic

  • #2 Best in KLAS Behavioral Health EHR
  • Enabling optimal care with operational ease for over 20 years
  • Ideal for enterprise behavioral health and human services organizations including multi-location and multi-state and CCBHCs
  • Highly configurable with a robust suite of clinical, administrative, and financial capabilities
  • Scheduling, intake, treatment planning, service documentation, ePrescribing, consumer engagement, billing, analytics, and reporting capabilities
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Qualifacts™ Credible

  • #1 Best in KLAS Behavioral Health EHR
  • Supports large enterprise agencies including organizations with CCBHC operations, multiple locations, programs, and specialties
  • Self-service configuration tools support integrated care, offer a user-friendly interface, and provide easy access to data
  • Choose Credible to achieve operational efficiency, better support staff, improve client outcomes, and enhance revenue collection
  • Provides advanced data collection, reporting capabilities, and advanced mobile solutions
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Qualifacts™ InSync

  • Awards from Capterra, Software Advice, Leader Spring, and GetApp
  • Configured especially for small and mid-sized practices and agencies with room for growth
  • Supports many specialties, including behavioral health, SUD, PT, OT, and SLP
  • Helps providers across the country enhance patient care and be more productive
  • Eliminates the need for several systems thanks to its interoperability
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Save Time and Preserve Confidence By Reducing Errors

Automated billing and workflows uniquely designed for your staff significantly reduce human error and duplicated data entry, helping your team do their job faster and more efficiently. During implementation, we work with you to build custom dashboards for the different roles on your team, helping streamline their workflows by reducing the number of clicks actions take and hiding information not relevant to certain staff members’ jobs.

Clinical Workflow Software to Maximize Efficiency and Support Best Practices

With Qualifacts, your EHR is configured to your practice, enabling you to set up unique workflows for programs, services, and providers by credentials and permissions.  Staff gain higher job satisfaction as the documentation work becomes more efficient, and the number of clicks to complete tasks is reduced.  Clinical documentation, from treatment plans to assessments and outcomes reporting, enables you to easily track and monitor progress, gain insights into caseloads, and make data-informed decisions at the point of care.

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Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions offer you the flexibility to provide services to those outside of your clinic’s physical walls, at their homes, or in emergency situations. Access in-the-field tools for documenting, scheduling, tracking, and treating clients even where internet connectivity is unavailable or unreliable.

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Virtual Care and Patient Engagement

Communicate securely with HIPAA-compliant telehealth to reach people where they are. Launch sessions for individuals or groups directly from the digital encounter. Automatically add billing modifiers to all your telehealth appointments. Access the tools you need from any secure device.

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Qualifacts platforms offer faster and more intuitive user experiences so that your team can manage workflows as your business needs to expand and grow, along with the changing demands and requirements of compliance, payers, and best practices.

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Role-Based Software Solutions

Define permissions for dashboards, workflows, and levels of access to EHR information based on the practice, program, services, credentials and facility, satisfying HIPAA confidentiality requirements while granting providers and care teams the tools they need.

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Notifications and Alerts

Manage your clinical documentation with direct notifications to care teams and supervisors to update staff on completion status for timely filing to complete treatment plans and notes, so that tasks can be tracked and care can be optimized.

Behavioral Health EHR Buyer’s Guide

Gain deeper insight into the EHR buying process and learn how your current solution stacks up against the competition. Using our EHR buyer’s guide will help you avoid common pitfalls and offers useful checklists to help you choose the solution that best suits your organization’s unique needs.

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