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The Qualifacts CareLogic EHR platform is ideal for enterprise behavioral health and human services organizations— including multi-location and multi-state entities, those providing value-based care, agencies with multiple programs and specialties, and those offering Certified Community Behavioral Health (CCBHC) programs and services. CareLogic’s technology and support have enabled optimal care with operational ease for over 20 years.

CareLogic keeps you ahead of organizational transformation as you grow and expand services to most effectively serve your communities, offering you highly configurable software that empowers your providers and your clinical, administrative, and financial teams to update your workflows and processes as your needs change. CareLogic gives you visibility into organizational success, outcomes, and tracking for intake, scheduling, treatment planning, service documentation, ePrescribing, PDMP, consumer engagement, billing, CM, analytics, reporting, and more.

Our CareLogic experts will help you find the best solution for your agency, based on your locations, programs, services, the communities you serve, and your growth plans for the future.

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CareLogic EHR Key Features

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CareLogic empowers clinical, compliance, billing, RCM, analytics, and reporting teams with self-service capabilities to configure your own data collection, customize workflows, and manage alerts as your needs evolve. Combining ease of use and efficiency, CareLogic works to maximize your resources to serve more clients by enhancing productivity and simplifying complexities, all while you accelerate your revenue cycle.

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Outcomes Management Tools

Time is the most valuable resource your teams have. CareLogic outcomes management tools are integrated right into the platform to enhance efficiency and productivity while increasing accuracy through a positive user experience that drives staff satisfaction and increases workplace retention.

Enhance your data-driven care and clinical outcomes through data visualization that provides actionable insights to providers and leadership. Supported by evidence-based practices, CareLogic makes your clinical and organizational success easy to see and enables you to plan where to focus attention.

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Treatment Planning

Treatment planning in CareLogic is efficient, intuitive, and streamlined, enabling your documentation of problems, goals, objectives, interventions, and activities to stay aligned with assessments and outcomes. CareLogic empowers your team to collaborate effectively and efficiently with the help of single-screen views for caregivers to track progress with clients and their families and guardians. Easily configure your forms and treatment plans on the fly to ensure timely updates and reviews that match your required dates.

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Highly Integrated

To enhance your view of the people you care for throughout their life experiences, CareLogic connects agencies with key data-sharing partners including labs, HIEs, local hospitals, and third-party software solutions to support patient-centered care, care coordination, and wraparound services through streamlined workflows.

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Compliance and Reimbursement

CareLogic keeps you ahead of compliance and reimbursement changes, and supports your organizational transformation.

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Interoperability, Configurability, and Visibility for Your Whole Team

The more integrated and coordinated care becomes, the more you need to send and receive information across teams and locations, within your facilities and beyond. CareLogic supports those connections for your teams and your leadership so you can more holistically serve the people in your care.

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Join a Community of Empowered Providers With Qualifacts User Groups

Connect, Learn, and Grow Together

We support Qualifacts User Groups with on-staff, nationally recognized thought leaders and experts. The 24/7 virtual workspace allows for sharing information, learning best practices, and engaging with continually updated resources including state-by-state discussions, monthly cohort meetings, and ongoing support.

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