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Behavioral Health Billing Software

Your full revenue cycle management

Get paid faster, easier, and accurately with Qualifacts HIPAA-compliant billing capabilities. Qualifacts’ fully integrated medical billing module can accelerate revenue collection up to 70% and improve your net revenue and cash collections by up to 12%. Track claims by clients and programs, generate and edit batches, view real-time financial metrics, and search by payors, providers, service types, and programs.

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Integrated Behavioral Health Billing Solutions

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Revenue Cycle Management

  • Empower your organization with an up to 99% clean bill rate, with nearly every claim accepted in full by the payor
  • Optimizing your configuration, payor testing, and training with smooth implementation guiding you through the closing of your first month’s books
  • Achieve increased performance and efficiency, regardless of your specialty or practice size
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Claims Processing

  • Save time by creating claims automatically after you provide services, eliminating the need to manually transfer client data
  • Automatically collect, batch, and submit the info you need to keep claims flowing smoothly through every check and balance
  • Automate billing workflows to accelerate payments, maximize your revenue, and achieve a clean claim rate
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Dedicated Account Manager

  • Gain insight into your revenue with weekly calls to review your revenue cycle, payment trends, and any changes from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • Maintain payor and state relationships and quickly resolve issues with our proven best practices
  • Rely on our staff to run authorizations for multiple visits so you can build a realistic treatment plan
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Experts With Firsthand Knowledge of Behavioral Health

Speak with one of our professionals to learn more about how we can improve client outcomes.

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Efficient Medical Claims Processing

Improve medical claims processing efficiency and accuracy by reducing manual errors and shortening processing times. With automated coding and modifiers, claims scrubbing, and batch processing, as well as customizable workflows and reporting tools, Qualifacts can help you streamline claims processing and provide you greater visibility into performance metrics.

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Fast Medical Claims Processing

Automate your medical claims coding, modifiers, and processing to expedite your entire billing process. With Qualifacts you can easily adjust for changes in rates, payors, and compliance as they arise.

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99% Clean Bill Rate

Increase your clean bill rate and have nearly every claim accepted in full by the payor. Our billing module and subject matter experts optimize your payment cycle with a 99% clean bill rate.

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Eligibility Checks and Authorizations

Let us handle your client eligibility checks with the clearinghouse for you based on demographic information. Plus, our RCMS staff can run authorizations for multiple visits so you can build a realistic treatment plan.

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Grows As You Grow

Qualifacts is designed to grow alongside your changing organization. Our flexible platforms allow for quick adjustments to rates and other financial changes. Whether you are submitting 20 claims a day or 200, our team will be there to guide you along the way.

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Outsourced Billing Services

Further Optimize Your Revenue Cycle

By outsourcing your billing to a third-party you can easily overcome the obstacles associated with submitting clean claims, collecting payments, and keeping up with ever-changing rules with outsourced billing. Streamline claims workflows, improve productivity, and facilitate faster reimbursement and patient payments with Claims Management Pro from Inovalon.

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Business Intelligence

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Organization’s Operations and Performance

Configure custom reports to monitor the business intelligence metrics that matter to your organization, allowing you to take swift action when needed. Establish recurring reports, track by payor, monitor outstanding client balances, and boost your bottom line as you master the art of clean claims.

Behavioral Health EHR Buyer’s Guide

Gain deeper insight into the EHR buying process and learn how your current solution stacks up against the competition. Using our EHR buyer’s guide will help you avoid common pitfalls and offer useful checklists to help you choose the solution that best suits your organization’s unique needs.

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At Qualifacts, we are committed to serving behavioral health, rehabilitative (PT/OT/SLP), and human services organizations by providing top-rated EHR solutions and services. Our team consists of seasoned professionals with hands-on clinical and administrative experience in these vital service areas. We understand the unique challenges you face and are here to assist you in selecting the most suitable solutions for your organization’s needs. Let’s kickstart the conversation that can transform your services. Complete this brief form to get started.