Medication Management and ePrescribing from Your EHR

Designed for patient safety and compliance, Qualifacts EHR solutions offer integrated ePrescribing with built-in contraindication checks, as well as PDMP and EPCS tools to monitor controlled substances and comply with pre-check and notification requirements.

eRX and Medication Management Software Capabilities

ePrescribing (eRX)

Integrated with an expansive list of pharmacies, our ePrescribing tools save you time, enhance patient safety, and support compliance requirements to minimize paper prescriptions. Contraindication alerts, refill management, and dosage changes are supported.


Built into the eRX clinical workflow for ease of use, Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substance (EPCS) tools and mandated Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) checks support patient safety and compliance requirements.

Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR)

Create personalized administration schedules for each patient. Generate groups for each employee/facility for easier administration. Document administration, refusal, and spoilage/waste. Reporting allows for quick reconciliation of medications administered. Track medication compliance during home visits and reconcile upon the patient’s return to the facility.

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