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Executive Healthcare Solutions

Visualize the Metrics and KPIs that Matter

Streamline billing and boost productivity and profitability, with solutions and healthcare reporting configurable to your unique needs. Our tools allow you to track your organizational priorities, monitor financial health and revenue trends, and service protocols. Get an overview of your business or delve into specific details for exactly what you need.

Analytics and Reporting Eliminate the Guesswork

Data-driven insights are critical for informed decision-making that boosts agency revenue, improves efficiency, and produces better care outcomes for those you serve. With valuable metrics, reports, and data visualizations, you have the power to make more strategic and informed decisions.

Tap into all of your agency’s data to easily track and visualize data through analytics and reporting dashboards designed with behavioral healthcare needs in mind. Our comprehensive database of reports and dashboards opens a window into every aspect of agency operations, from financial performance to staffing needs, program performance, and client outcomes.

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Healthcare Analytics & Reporting and KPI Dashboards

Embedded custom data visualizations. Drag-and-drop report creation. Custom reports and distinct dashboards. Capitalize on the power of your data with reporting and analytics to create helpful visualizations and real-time awareness to make data, metrics, and analytics actionable.

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Healthcare Compliance, CCBHC, and State Reporting

Save time when it comes to compliance by letting Qualifacts handle the tedious and detailed steps needed to meet compliance requirements, letting you focus on delivering quality care to those you serve.

Our platforms are designed to help you navigate the complexity of compliance. Working together, we can help you stay compliant and ahead of state reporting while integrating best practices within your organization.

  • Receive ongoing maintenance information, state updates, and related customer support for the submission of data to state departments and entities
  • Leverage years of experience in adhering to state and federal requirements for administrative, demographics, and outcomes data to be eligible for reimbursement under public funding sources
  • Readily adhere to applicable laws and incentive programs, including HIPAA, 42CFR Part 2, Promoting Interoperability, Quality Payment Program (MIPS or APM), CCBHC programs, Value-Based Reimbursement (VBR), and other federal and local regulations
  • Let our experience clear the way for reimbursement by helping you navigate eligibility requirements to ensure you get the funding you need
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Experts With Firsthand Knowledge of Behavioral Health

Speak with one of our professionals to learn more about how we can improve client outcomes.

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Qualifacts EHR Interoperability

Offer the best comprehensive care to those you serve with an EHR that isn’t limited by compartmentalization. With access to numerous interoperability-certified modules, you can more effectively offer treatment without getting caught up in tedious busy work. Our team will simplify and streamline the integration process from beginning to end, using our proven methodology.

Qualifacts works in tandem with Merit-Based Incentive Programs (MIPS), giving you easy access to the tools and capability to compile and track the data you need to demonstrate the value of your care. And as the behavioral health market evolves and as the various programs and payment models change to incentivize performance improvement, Qualifacts grows and adapts alongside you.

APIs are the behind-the-scenes framework that allows EHRs and other applications to communicate with one another. Our publicly available APIs enable secure access to read-only healthcare USCDI (United States Core Data for Interoperability) data via a smartphone app or other third-party platforms. Updated to the latest FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) v4 standards, these APIs also simplify compliance with 21st Century Cures Act interoperability requirements.

Integrate your data and EHR systems with your partner organizations such as labs, pharmacies, HIEs, and ACOs. Our technology is growing to meet your needs, currently supporting over 80 integrations.

Our platforms hold certifications with the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) — providing nationally compliant and certified products. This Health IT Module is the 2015 Edition compliant and has been ONC certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. You can view our API Documentation here.

With the right tools to securely and efficiently share health data, it’s easier for you to offer coordinated care. Qualifacts connection modules simplify sending demographic and clinical data to Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), commercial vendors, and federal, state, or local entities. By facilitating the transfer of data, healthcare providers can collaboratively provide a comprehensive and coordinated approach to care that meets the unique needs of everyone they serve.

With access to a configurable platform that integrates third-party systems through our secure, easy-to-use, web-based interface, you can efficiently work with outside systems. With Qualifacts, you share information in a meaningful way, and you can support safer transitions of care, reduce waste, lower costs, and improve efficiencies.

Healthcare Business Intelligence

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Access to All Data

Business Intelligence (BI) allows users to view the reports and data that matter the most to your agency. Advanced data harvesting capabilities due to our EHRs unique architecture allow access to all data. Immediately access charts and dashboards, including five levels of reporting.

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See Your Business at a Glance

Access and analyze up-to-date data with Qualifacts. Our data model provides a fresh, real-time view of your data to your entire organization, improving productivity and decision-making. Generate custom reports and dashboards with visual charts and graphs, using multiple data sources and detailed formatting tools.

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Configurable to meet your needs

BI offers partners a configurable reporting tool for custom reports, dashboards, and graphical reporting. Qualifacts reports, analytics, and dashboards are configurable for your agency, county, and state-specific workflows, allowing you to be adaptable to changing needs of the organizations. Format and visualize data according to agency-specific workflow and preferences. Robust data-collection tools save staff time, improve efficiency, and enable proactive data gathering and report generation.

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EHR Buyers Guide

It’s crucial for behavioral health executives to have the appropriate EHR system that caters to their present needs given the complexities of reporting, payment models, and data integration requirements. Our comprehensive guide with worksheets and critical information is here to make the EHR search process easier.

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At Qualifacts, we are committed to serving behavioral health, rehabilitative (PT/OT/SLP), and human services organizations by providing top-rated EHR solutions and services. Our team consists of seasoned professionals with hands-on clinical and administrative experience in these vital service areas. We understand the unique challenges you face and are here to assist you in selecting the most suitable solutions for your organization’s needs. Let’s kickstart the conversation that can transform your services. Complete this brief form to get started.