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Integrated EHR Software for Mental Health Clinics

Interoperability at Scale

What does an integrated EHR system look like? Secure exchange of data with care partners, integrating information into the client record, tracking hospital admissions and discharges, sharing comprehensive whole-person insights with collaborative care teams based on authorized permissions and credentials, and more. 

Our experienced integration team works with you to build easy access to the data your teams need, so people across your organization can see it, analyze it, track it, and report on it, to drive clinical outcomes and business success.

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Behavioral Healthcare Solutions

As you scale programs and services up or down to best support your community, and as you manage through the possibilities raised by mergers, acquisitions, and other business opportunities, the integrated EHR platforms that Qualifacts offers will equip you with self-managed flexibility to adapt to changing payer models, market conditions, and organizational needs, while you focus on enhancing care and delivering improved outcomes.

To support you in navigating the ever-increasing and frequently changing demands of compliance, payers, funders, and clinical best practices, EHR platforms from Qualifacts offer self-service capabilities that allow you to create, manage, and adjust your workflows, documentation, billing mix, and business intelligence tools to steer your own course toward success.

Tools for gathering data, tracking and analyzing Outcome Measures, informed by evidence-based practices, compliance requirements, and clinical guidelines are built into the EHR platforms Qualifacts offers. 

Treatment plan tools from Qualifacts platforms offer clinical teams ease of use, efficiency and accuracy by integrating relevant data that your clients shared during intake assessments. Collaborative treatment teams can review progress and recommendations driven by standardized outcome scores and screening instruments, along with problems, goals, interventions, and progress. 

Built-in assessments, integrated visibility of outcomes tracking, and treatment plans that can be easily updated all facilitate your Qualifacts platform management of client progress, enabling timely and effective modifications as you determine the right future course.

How effective are your treatment approaches? Built-in configuration tools and analytics create a direct line of insight into the progress of your client population. Informed by evidence-based practices, scores, trends, and results, trends and results surfaced by your outcomes measures give you the data visibility you need to adjust and optimize care delivery and engagement, combined with your experience and knowledge.

Qualifacts EHR Support by The Numbers

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Generate a report that serves as a legal record of drugs administered to a patient at a facility by a provider

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Safely control the prescription of controlled substances to your patients

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Million scripts processed per year

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Experts With Firsthand Knowledge of Behavioral Health

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Key Features and Capabilities of Our Behavioral Health Platforms

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Maximize ease of use, enhance efficiency of clinical documentation, accelerate claims, billing and reimbursement, and meet compliance requirements with self-service data configuration and workflows.

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Treatment Plans

Save time and standardize care with highly configurable treatment plans that streamline the documentation of problems, goals, interventions, and more.

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Outcomes Management Tools

Support data-driven care and enhance clinical quality outcomes with visualizations and actionable insights from within the EHR platform.

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Integrate with key partners including labs, HIEs, local hospitals, and 3rd party software solutions to support patient-centered care.

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