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Substance Abuse EHR Solutions

Streamline Treatment With Our EMR Software Solutions

When assisting people in their journey towards recovery, it’s crucial to have an EHR system that caters to your specific substance use disorder workflows, from integration requirements, and reimbursement models to facilitating electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) and prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) mandates.

SUD Behavioral Healthcare Solutions

By leveraging Qualifacts, your organization can enhance its operational capacity, enabling you to dedicate your time to helping people in every aspect of their recovery.

Streamlining the process of lab tests and achieving quick turnaround times is vital. Qualifacts simplifies the procedure of sending lab orders and receiving results, utilizing ORM and ORU transactions, and integrating seamlessly with lab partners like Siemens Wintox, Merge, and Precision Lab. Our technologies integrate with third-party dispensing tools, which can include Methasoft and BD Pyxis MedStation, providing users convenience every step of the way.

Schedule services efficiently and conveniently at both the group and individual levels and match clients with suitable providers based on their specialty and availability. With configurable group progress notes, you can smoothly switch between group and individual notes as needed, and tracking group attendance is simple and hassle-free.

Robust eRx modules empower your staff to e-prescribe, including Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS). This feature increases the value of your practice to clients and reduces the occurrence of medication errors. Our eRx module is certified by Surescripts, enabling you to e-prescribe with all pharmacies in the Surescripts network. Offer a more streamlined and dependable prescription process to your clients with Qualifacts at your side.

Empower your prescribers and care providers with real-time actionable information, including pre-authorization coverage requests, at the point of care.

Customized administration schedules for each patient ensure accurate medication administration, and with the feature of patient pictures, you can quickly identify patients and reduce the risk of potential errors. Generate groups for each employee and facility, simplifying the administration process. The Qualifacts platform allows you to document medication administration, refusals, and spoilage/waste efficiently. Reporting features enable you to reconcile the medications administered promptly.

Qualifacts offers a collection of research-backed instruments that includes crucial screening tools designed specifically for clients undergoing treatment for substance use disorder and addiction. Streamline the care management process, automatically integrating scores into the treatment plan module to inform your organization’s goals, objectives, and progress notes.

Qualifacts EHR Support by The Numbers

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Generate a report that serves as a legal record of drugs administered to a patient at a facility by a provider

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Safely control the prescription of controlled substances to your patients

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Features and Capabilities of Our EHR Software for SUD

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Our implementation methodology, led by subject matter experts and experienced project managers, helps ensure a seamless EHR implementation. We collaborate with you to migrate legacy data, configure unique workflows, develop and customize reports, and conduct system testing before it goes live to ensure optimal implementation.

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Integration and Interoperability

Our experienced integration team collaborates with you to establish convenient access to the data required by your teams, so that people across your organization can visualize, analyze, track, and run reports with ease. Our team’s expertise helps you ensure smooth data integration and effective data utilization.

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Support and Training

Following implementation, we support the onboarding of staff with a wide range of training resources, including videos, webinars, and training certification classes. Our customer support team, staffed with subject matter experts, prioritizes your needs and provides assistance whenever required.

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Qualifacts Community

Whether you participate in a state user group, or join national discussion groups, including clinical users and CCBHCs, the Qualifacts Community offers online peer leadership. Our forum provides a place to trade best practices, work through challenges, and offer suggestions for upgrades and improvements.

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Join the Qualifacts EHR User Group to gain access to tips, best practices, maintenance reports, training support, webinars, and more. Have important communications about Qualifacts emailed directly to you and any key staff members and stay up to date on all product news.

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