Introducing Qualifacts® iQ | Behavioral Health Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution

Augmenting Provider and Staff Workflows with AI will Improve Organizations’ Ability to Deliver Exceptional Care to Clients.

Qualifacts, a leading provider of electronic health record (EHR) solutions for behavioral health and human services organizations, announces the launch of the Behavioral Health Artificial Intelligence solution  Qualifacts® iQ, in anticipation for the National Council for Mental Wellbeing’s annual conference, NatCon24.

Qualifacts iQ is an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solution purpose-built for behavioral healthcare, with direct input from Qualifacts customers and experts in the field. Specifically designed for deep integration with the company’s EHRs (CareLogic, Credible, and InSync), this AI solution can help organizations save time, maintain compliance, and improve focus on serving clients.

“We’re proud of Qualifacts iQ because it harnesses cutting-edge AI technology to meet the urgent needs of our customers and their clients. With approximately 1 in 5 Americans facing mental health challenges and a scarcity of accessible care, we’re confident that Qualifacts iQ can make a meaningful difference through automation,” said Josh Schoeller, CEO of Qualifacts. “As we aim to be the leading technology partner in behavioral health, it’s crucial for us to utilize the latest innovations to provide better outcomes for our customers and the communities they support.”

Nicholas Chepesiuk, VP of Innovation at Qualifacts, added, “After completing extensive market validation with third-party industry and technology researchers, as well as our own clinical subject matter experts (SMEs), Qualifacts developed its own in-house solution leveraging commercially available large language models (LLMs). Advancements in LLMs over the last six to 12 months have been astonishing, and we are confident Qualifacts iQ will deliver the accuracy and effectiveness our customers can rely on.”

Qualifacts iQ is hosted within a secure, private environment alongside Qualifacts’ EHR solutions and comprehensive behavioral health data set.

The initial use case for Qualifacts iQ focuses on automated clinical documentation, which is currently available as a limited release to select customers and will be generally available later this year. Qualifacts also plans to expand Qualifacts iQ’s functionality to include additional use cases such as suggestive intelligence, smart scheduling, predictive modeling, enhanced quality assurance, and more.

Here are a few ways Qualifacts iQ will benefit users:

  • Save Time, Gain Efficiency: Qualifacts aims to cut clinical documentation time in half by automatically providing generative AI note suggestions to clinicians.
  • Improve Clinician Satisfaction: By using Qualifacts iQ to convert transcripts of client sessions into properly formatted notes automatically, clinical staff can simply review and approve suggested notes, allowing them to remain more present with the people they serve.
  • Leverage Market Leading Data and Expertise: Qualifacts iQ leverages highly configured and fine-tuned versions of cutting edge LLMs to ensure accurate, complete, and clinically relevant results. The company develops its data models in a privately hosted secure environment to integrate fully with Qualifacts EHR solutions. Qualifacts customer data never leaves the Qualifacts-hosted environment at any time.

Learn more about Qualifacts iQ here

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