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Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy EHR

Comprehensive EMR for PT, OT, and SLP Providers

For any rehabilitative practice, reducing the time your staff spends with manual processes means more time to help the people you serve. Qualifacts offers you multi-therapy software EHR solutions specifically designed for practices like physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), speech-language pathology (SLP), and more. Create tailored workflows, customize forms, automate your billing, increase patient engagement, and do more with Qualifacts.

Rehabilitative Solutions

With fully integrated EHR practice management, you can conduct every aspect of your workflow in one location without the need for numerous third-party vendors slowing you down.

Qualifacts’ implementation team works alongside yours to fully understand your organization’s needs and implement the InSync EHR with little to no disruption to your daily operations. We offer training that can take place on site, remote, or self-guided, and you will retain access to all of our online learning tools, so you can easily refresh your memory or train any new staff members that join your team later.

Should your team have any questions about InSync after go-live, we have a Qualifacts Community Center where you submit tickets and get help along with tips and tricks from other InSync users just like you.

With InSync, you can use an API weblink on your organization’s website to help patients quickly provide all necessary information, removing the need to make phone calls or physically go to a location just to register and schedule a first appointment. With the InSync API weblink, patients can go to your website to fill out:

Intake forms
Patient/parent profile
Insurance information
Appointment details

Once everything has been filled out, patients can even be automatically added to relevant providers’ schedules, quickly getting the patients the care they need. Current patients can also request appointments through this link and be automatically scheduled with their requested provider. Also, within the patient/parent portal, patients can access our integrated exercise library.

By joining the Qualifacts EHR User Group, you gain access to all tips, best practices, maintenance reports, training documentation, webinars, and more. Communications are emailed directly to you and key staff members and are housed within the Qualifacts Community for quick reference whenever you need it.

Save time and effort with Qualifacts’ streamlined and automated billing rules engine designed specifically for your practice during the implementation process. We know an out-of-the-box solution isn’t perfect for everyone, and that’s why our team customizes the billing rules to suit your organization’s unique needs.

Help your patients continue their exercises after their appointments with the Qualifacts Home Exercise Program which has over 3,100 recorded exercises. With professionally recorded videos, your patients can easily follow along and keep up with their treatment plans at home.

With an all-in-one solution, your EHR, practice management, and more are all in one place. Offer your patients a powerful patient portal tool to check logged vitals, track medication, and easily set up scheduled treatments.

Create custom workflows for your organization during the implementation process and set up unique dashboards for every role in your organization to help streamline your entire staff’s workflow. Qualifacts gives you the flexibility you need in managing internal processes and creating dynamic forms and custom templates.

With numerous reports already created, you can easily tailor any forms and reports to your organization’s particular needs and processes. Set specific queries to pull any information you need right when you need it. Qualifacts has the tools you need to handle all MACRA & MIPS billing, saving you time and helping ensure you receive payments.

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Features and Capabilities of Our Rehabilitative Electronic Health Record Software

Practice Management

Fully automate your billing, reduce cancellations, and increase your revenue with Qualifacts’ integrate EHR practice management solution.

Patient Portal

Patient Portal

Your patient’s one stop shop to request appointments, send and receive HIPAA compliant messages, review automated education material, manage and store credit cards, and much more.


With our user-friendly, fully integrated scheduling, you can configure each provider’s dashboard to meet their unique needs and allow them to schedule patients through our resource availability search.


With a plethora of pre-built reports, you can run, filter, and generate queries for whatever you might need at a moment’s notice.

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