Streamline Treatment Planning for Improved Patient Care

Delivering quality care depends on successful treatment planning. Our highly configurable treatment plan module streamlines the entire process— providing easy, seamless ways to document problems, goals, objectives, interventions, and activities, freeing up the time you need to address them.

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Easy to Use EHR Interface

Lab Results

Clinicians stay informed about health statuses and issues, such as drug and alcohol use, with easily visible lab results for panels and screenings.


Problems and goals are tied to scores displayed from standardized assessments, to facilitate the ease of tracking progress.


Recommendations Module pulls presenting problems into the Treatment Plan to maintain the Golden Thread.

Progress Notes

Treatment Plan data is incorporated into the progress note, supporting the Golden Thread allowing you to track progress throughout treatment.

Integrated Treatment

Integrated treatment plans, program-specific plans, and service document groups are available.


Simplified and configurable workflows support your clinical practice and requirements

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Evidence-based Guidance at Your Fingertips

Treatment Planning tools from Qualifacts facilitate the quality care you want to deliver, with simplified and configurable workflows for creating and managing individual treatment plans for the people you serve.
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Experts with Firsthand Knowledge of Behavioral Health

Learn how an EHR can maximize your organization’s efficiency by speaking with one of our experts.

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