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Create configurable treatment plan templates and libraries

Delivering quality care depends on successful treatment planning. That’s why it’s important to simplify the process of creating and managing your treatment plans. Our highly configurable treatment plan module streamlines the entire process— providing easy, seamless ways to document problems, goals, objectives, interventions, and activities—and it frees up the time you need to address them.  We offer you the option to support your treatment decisions with evidence-based decision support at the point of care

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Treatment planning that proves knowledge is power

Creating and managing comprehensive treatment plans is crucial to the work you do, so we support you with essential evidence-based guidance that helps you devise each care journey. We bring more evidence, more context, and more perspective to you at the point of care.  


Better decision-making means better outcomes

When you initiate a treatment plan, our system automatically pulls relevant data that your clients shared during intake assessments. This allows you to review treatment recommendations driven by standardized outcome scores, screening instruments, and lab results. 


Automatically helpful data  

Embed treatment planning options into web forms to allow for seamless data capture that satisfies compliance. We equip you with pre-loaded behavioral definitions, reliable tracking for therapeutic interventions, and easy access to diagnostic DSM-5 codes.  

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Integrated treatment plans were new and challenging for us.  We were fortunate that our EHR from Qualifacts had the ability for us to be able to utilize an integrated treatment plan.

Sarah Ackerman, CEO
Western Mental Health Center

Customer Benefits

Listening to our community 

We value the voices of our customers—and we pay close attention when those voices interact. Our customers gather inside an active community devoted to proactively improving the Qualifacts experience. By stimulating dialogue, collaborating online, and leading structured group meetings, this community functions as a frontline advisory board that helps us steer how innovation unfolds within our suite of solutions. We are grateful for their passion and participation, and we are always listening.

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Getting Started

  • Solution Icon Solution Icon Implementation

    Our established implementation methodology, led by subject matter experts and experienced project managers, will support your EHR implementation. We work with you to migrate legacy data, configure the software to unique workflows, build standard and custom reports, and test the system before it goes live.

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    Integrations and Interoperability

    Our experienced integration team works with you to build easy access to the data your teams need, so people across your organization can see it, analyze it, track it, and report on it.

  • Solution Icon Solution Icon Support and Training
    Support and Training

    As your organization grows post-implementation, support the onboarding of staff with our extensive training resources, including videos and webinars, and our training certification classes. Our experienced customer support team, staffed with subject matter experts, always puts you first.

  • Solution Icon Solution Icon Qualifacts Community
    Qualifacts Community

    Whether you participate in a state user group, or join national discussion groups, including clinical users, and CCBHCs, the Qualifacts Community offers online peer leadership. Our forum provides a place to trade best practices, work collaboratively through challenges, and contribute suggestions for upgrades and improvements.


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