Client Engagement

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Client engagement, secure and simple.  

Engagement means more empowered health-related decisions for your clients — and more action. Behavioral healthcare providers that emphasize client engagement report better client outcomes, lower costs, a better quality of care, and increased client retention rates. Leverage an interoperable EHR Platform to support consumer engagement.

  • Improve health literacy
  • Simplify the complexity of navigating the care continuum
  • Support increased adherence to the client’s plan of care
  • Help clients make informed decisions
  • Facilitate shared decision-making
  • Support Meaningful Use Stage 3 and MACRA MIPS requirements
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Client Portal
Keep your patients and clients in the loop with our client portal. Within our secure, web-based system, you can easily send messages and clinical documentation to clients under your care. The ability to communicate directly through the client portal makes keeping your clients in the loop secure and simple.


Patient Education.

With a dedicated patient online portal, you can offer educational documents online. Creating a library of knowledge for your patients to use has never been easier.



Speed and Efficiency. 

With the client portal, patients can fill out your custom forms and provide their signatures. Fewer patients filling out forms in the lobby means faster check-ins and less exposure for immune-compromised patients.


Increase client participation.  

Easy-to-access communication keeps your clients in the loop and actively participating in their care. We’re here to help you facilitate action. 


Heighten engagement with integration. 

Make it easier to connect by integrating with a variety of engagement software vendors like myStrength, ClientTell, and Vital Interaction. 


Foster informed, shared decisions.  

Improve health literacy, open up the lines of communication, and help clients move forward with confidence while facilitating shared decision-making between a client, families, and guardians. 

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“The efficiency in Qualifacts is mainly in being able to access records easily, document more easily, having information at your fingertips at diagnosis. Everything is right there in one system just a click or two away.”

Andrea Ettingoff
Director of Clinical and Quality Affairs, Children’s Crisis Treatment

Customer Benefits

Listening to our community 

We value the voices of our customers—and we pay close attention when those voices interact. Our customers gather inside an active community devoted to proactively improving the Qualifacts experience. By stimulating dialogue, collaborating online, and leading structured group meetings, this community functions as a frontline advisory board that helps us steer how innovation unfolds within our suite of solutions. We are grateful for their passion and participation, and we are always listening.

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Getting Started

  • Solution Icon Solution Icon Implementation

    Our established implementation methodology, led by subject matter experts and experienced project managers, will support your EHR implementation. We work with you to migrate legacy data, configure the software to unique workflows, build standard and custom reports, and test the system before it goes live.

  • Solution Icon Solution Icon Integrations and Interoperability
    Integrations and Interoperability

    Our experienced integration team works with you to build easy access to the data your teams need, so people across your organization can see it, analyze it, track it, and report on it.

  • Solution Icon Solution Icon Support and Training
    Support and Training

    As your organization grows post-implementation, support the onboarding of staff with our extensive training resources, including videos and webinars, and our training certification classes. Our experienced customer support team, staffed with subject matter experts, always puts you first.

  • Solution Icon Solution Icon Qualifacts Community
    Qualifacts Community

    Whether you participate in a state user group, or join national discussion groups, including clinical users, and CCBHCs, the Qualifacts Community offers online peer leadership. Our forum provides a place to trade best practices, work collaboratively through challenges, and contribute suggestions for upgrades and improvements.


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