[Webinar] Continuous Quality Improvement for the Value-Based Care Model: Focus CCBHC

CCBHCs, like all value-based care models, are measured heavily by their ability to demonstrate success on specific outcome measures-both clinical and operational. In order to be successful over time, the CCBHC must practice continuous quality improvement (CQI). CQI is a system that seeks to improve the provision of services with an emphasis on future results.

In the webinar, we walk you through the “Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA)” methodology for continuous quality improvement in the CCBHC. Together we look at how the PDSA can be used to approach the organizational change required to become a CCBHC. We provide real life CCBHC challenges and show you how to approach them using the PDSA methodology.

Throughout the presentation, we demonstrate how data and the measurement of data have two primary purposes- to improve practice and inform decision-making. Finally, we talk about the importance of communicating your successes and sharing the wins with all stakeholders. If you are a CCBHC or have a value-based care contract tied to outcomes, you will want to watch as we dig into the PDSA process for managing CQI in the CCBHC (of VBC) treatment model.

Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of CQI and the need for it in any value-based care model
  • Through the use of examples, gain an understanding of how to apply the PDSA methodology in with your value-based care model
  • Gain actionable insights into the culture change that comes with transitioning to the value-based care model
  • Review some tools/forms used to execute the PDSA methodology
  • Understand the “measurement framework” for CQI
  • Learn the importance of communicating the results of your CQI efforts

About the Speakers

Mary Givens, MRA
CCBHC Program Manager

Mary Givens has been with Qualifacts for 13 years. She has a Masters in Rehabilitation Administration from the University of San Francisco. Before coming to Qualifacts, Mary was the CEO of a non-profit organization that served IDD, she was the Director of Client Services and a Director of Supported Employment for people with SPMI. Since coming to Qualifacts, she has been a Project Manager for Implementation and a Program Manager of Meaningful Use and is currently the CCBHC Program Manager.

Christy Winters, LMSW
Product Director

As the Manager of Clinical Informatics and Outcomes at Qualifacts, Christy is responsible for all clinical features and outcomes capabilities within the CareLogic Behavioral Health and Human Services EHR platform. In addition, Christy is also responsible for working with the product team to ensure Care Logic integrates healthcare reform compliance and outcomes so customers have access to useful data in order to improve decision-making, enhance performance, and target areas for improvement.

Prior to joining Qualifacts, Christy held a variety of clinical leadership roles – most recently she serviced as the Director of CQI and Practice-Based Research at Families First, a children and family services nonprofit organization.

Christy earned a B.A. at Emory University and graduated from Georgia State University with a Master’s in Social Work.

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