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CASL | Challenges

Florida state reporting for behavioral health and human services providers is challenging, exacting, and complex, and EHR support can dramatically affect an organization’s ability to file timely information and be paid accurately for billable services.

Community and Supported Living, Inc., (CASL), has achieved Florida state reporting success in managing its interactions with the Financial and Services Accountability Management System – FASAMS – following its implementation of the Credible Behavioral Health EHR Platform.

FASAMS is a uniform reporting system with uniform definitions and reporting categories; the integrated system offers automated interfaces to Florida Medicaid Management Information System (FMMIS) and Child Welfare (FSFN) systems.

Success with Data Visibility, Accuracy, Efficiency, and Ease of Use | Available Any Place, Any Time

“Credible is designed specifically for behavioral health, and its support for FASAMS gives us visibility into data and reporting that keeps us aligned with state requirements,” said Phillip J. “P.J.” Brooks, MA, LMHC, Chief Operating Officer for CASL. “We can pull information more quickly and more easily than we could previously, to align with compliance, and to manage organizational success. We’re saving time, and we have better information to guide our decision making.”

Cloud based software was also a requirement: “Credible works the same way, for all our users in each of our locations. That’s a big capability,” Brooks said. “Any staff person can reach the information they need, wherever they are.”

Success with Clinical Documentation, Outcomes, and Metrics | Integrated with Billing and Claims

“We have to demonstrate that we are clinically effective,” said Tanya Hart, CIO for CASL. “With Credible, we have gained visibility into outcomes through the EHR, and we can accurately document and track the services we provide. Credible enables us to tie claims to documentation for billable services, to accurately reflect how we are caring for our clients.”

Looking to the Future

“We have the EHR product that we need, and it’s running for us error free,” said Brooks. “It flows in the way we need to operate, and it lets us build our workflows the way we want them to be. When we chose Credible, we knew that we are going to be growing significantly, and we believe that the product will take us where we are going.”

“It is exciting to see CASL grow, and expand their services, with the Credible EHR supporting their expansion,” said Stefanie Wood, Credible Partner Success Manager.

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About CASL

It is CASL’s mission to provide safe, affordable, and supportive housing for adults with disabilities. Services include:

Affordable Housing | CASL provides clients a multitude of affordable housing choices that meet their needs.
Supportive Housing | Case Management services provide support so clients can set and achieve individual goals.
Assisted Living | For clients who need extra help with daily living skills, CASL provides assisted living services.
CASL today includes more than 100 single and multi-family units throughout 8 counties in Florida. Most recently, through its strategic partnership with affordable housing developer Blue Sky Communities, CASL has been able to add hundreds of units throughout Southwest Florida for low-income adults with disabilities, to help to reduce homelessness.


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Increased Efficiency, Revenue Leads to 500 More Patients & Second Location

InSync’s mental health software was implemented at Recovery Works Northwest more than two years ago and the impact of InSync’s documentation, scheduling and billing has been significant according to Robbins.

According to Robbins, if there’s one word to describe the high level of InSync’s customer support, it would be “accessible.”

A Positive Response From Providers

The experience for providers has also been a positive one. Jennifer remarked on how the InSync EHR can be configured to meet the specific needs of the providers at Recovery Works.

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