Qualifacts + Credible Announces Partnership With Pathway

Partnership Will Provide Pathway With a Patient-Focused EHR System With a Comprehensive Suite of Services Through The CareLogic Platform

Nashville, Tenn (September 20, 2021)

Qualifacts + Credible, a leading provider of electronic health record (EHR) platforms for behavioral health and human services organizations, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Pathway Healthcare, and behavioral medicine company headquartered in Birmingham, AL, with locations in MS, TN, AL, and TX.  This new partnership will provide Pathway with a more patient-focused EHR system with a comprehensive suite of services through the CareLogic platform. Qualifacts + Credible will be supporting Pathway’s multi-state mental health and addictions treatment offices and all of Pathway’s psychiatrists, physicians, and licensed counselors in providing expert care and treating all patients with kindness and respect through a holistic approach. 

 As an outpatient behavioral care provider with 14 locations across 4 states, and plans to expand to additional markets, Pathway chose the CareLogic platform for its flexibility, configurability, ease of adoption, and ease of use. Pathway found in CareLogic an integrated EHR platform that combines clinical, financial, analytics, and reporting capabilities that support compliance and reimbursement requirements with tools to facilitate care delivery by credentials and access level across programs, services, locations, and the provision of both face-to-face and virtual care. 

 “Pathway is looking to CareLogic to gain efficiencies in documentation, analytics and reporting, and in organizational abilities to manage care across distance and locations, with coordinated teams participating in treatment and tracking,” said Robert Patton, Qualifacts + Credible VP for Implementation Services. “With their multi-state and multi-program model, they selected CareLogic as a platform that can be used across those variabilities. CareLogic can allow organizations like Pathway to optimize what had been obstacles as opportunities.” 

 Part of that growth includes expanding interoperability capabilities, as provider networks increasingly integrate the exchange of health information. “Sending and receiving lab orders and results across care teams and providers offers greater visibility into the clinical record and enhances care coordination,” Patton said.  

“By choosing CareLogic, we expect to decrease clinical documentation time and effort, and gain billing efficiencies by having codes tied to services behind the scenes for enhanced accuracy, and decreased time to payment, with a decreased human intervention needed in claims processing,” said Andrew Turner, Pathway’s President and Chief Operating Officer. That includes using CareLogic to manage patient engagement and clinical scheduling to drive down no-show rates, enhance care, and drive better outcomes. “It is critical to manage no-show rates, to make the best use of our resources, and to keep people on track with their care,” Turner said. 

Pathway is also looking to CareLogic as an EHR platform that will allow staff across its locations to easily adapt to new ways of working, with improved processes and workflows in some areas. “We have 14 sites, and 150 employees, and we need to fully support teams for onboarding to the new solution,” Turner said.  

As an innovative leader in providing care, Pathway is also looking to CareLogic as a partner who will be a part of keeping Pathway ahead of the ever-changing rules and contract terms that providers face, from compliance at the federal and state levels to the need to prove the mission to payers. “We already extract outcomes-related data points, and we have already demonstrated savings of a considerable amount to the healthcare system and the payers. We have a full-time epidemiologist and want to 100 percent continue to drive outcomes, data, and savings. We have lists of metrics we also want to be able to demonstrate and show with CareLogic,” Turner said. Those data points will include clinically validated assessment instruments available through CareLogic and the tracking data that supports views of clinical progress.  

About Pathway Healthcare

We help people. Individual care focused on you. 

We understand the difficulties in the lives of patients; issues such as working multiple jobs, juggling family life, and sometimes, just getting out of bed. We also know that mental health and addiction disorders vary in complexity from one individual to another.  

This is why our outpatient behavioral care is not cookie-cutter. Our programs include psychiatric care, primary care physicians, medical care, licensed counseling care, medication management, and case management.  

At Pathway Healthcare, we encourage your participation in all facets of your care. We maintain high standards within our programs and remain committed to your rights as a patient. Through advocacy and our unique and integrated programs, we’re doing our part to break the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction disorders. 

About Qualifacts + Credible

Qualifacts + Credible, two leading providers of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and related technology to behavioral health and human services agencies, merged in August 2020. The new entity combines and brings to market the decades of experience each company achieved individually and is laser-focused on helping agency partners improve clinical outcomes, enhance operations and create healthier communities. The company is offering, enhancing, and fully supporting both EHR platforms — CareLogic and Credible — while collaborating to build an even brighter future for partner agencies and their clients. Qualifacts + Credible supports the evolution of interoperability standards as required by state and federal law, recommended by Health and Human Services (HHS), and as necessary to help achieve its mission. By executing an omni-channel approach to interoperability, Qualifacts + Credible provides customers with flexible options and ensures that their systems, users, and clients will achieve interoperability goals through a consistent user experience now and into the future.


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