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Modernize Your Practice from End-to-End

The modern, end-to-end behavioral health EHR software you need to bring your vision to life and optimize your client journey.

Our configurable software and services equip providers with the tools and technologies they need to deliver exceptional client care.

As the market leader of rehabilitative, human services, and mental and behavioral health EHR solutions, we continuously invest and innovate to better serve your evolving needs.

Behavioral Health EHR Software and Solutions to Simplify Operations End-to-End

From Virtual Care and Clinical Documentation through Billing and Quality, Qualifacts supports your organization every step of the way. Your clients can conveniently schedule appointments, access telehealth services, and stay engaged through our user-friendly client portal. Providers can improve clinical documentation with more efficient and accurate clinical charting, assessment tools, and treatment planning. And administrators can more effectively manage operations with optimized billing, robust reporting tools, and actionable business insights. With Qualifacts, you’ll feel confident you are providing the best holistic care possible, while driving your practice’s success.

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An Integrated Behavioral Health EHR that Modernizes Client Care & Improves Client Outcomes

Scheduling & Intake

Simplify scheduling and intake for both staff and clients. Automate form assignments and collect e-signatures, while automated workflows ensure appointments are matched to the right resources. Clients can conveniently self-schedule through a secure portal, reducing wait times while keeping a full schedule.

Telehealth & Virtual Care

Enhance your client care with a suite of virtual care features. Offer a HIPAA-compliant, white-labeled patient portal for easy communication and content delivery. Conduct video appointments for groups of up to 50—perfect for therapy sessions or support groups. Automated appointment reminders and secure messaging reduce no-shows, improving practice efficiency. 

Billing & RCM

Optimize the entire revenue cycle from eligibility verification and documentation to claims submission, reimbursement, and complex payment models. Qualifacts provides a fully outsourced revenue cycle service that leverages our deep behavioral healthcare expertise and integrated EHR and billing data to maximize your revenue potential.

Clinical Documentation

Simplify and automate your workflows based on appointment type or provider, from intake through the entire lifecycle of client care with Qualifacts’ clinical documentation solutions. Efficiently track client progress with built-in assessments, outcomes tracking, and treatment plans, reducing manual work and ensuring compliance. Seamlessly coordinate and standardize care across provider organizations through our EHR platform’s core interoperability and robust security protocols.

Treatment Planning

Foster collaboration between you and your clients with our customizable treatment plans within our EHR platform. Outline diagnoses, proposed treatments, expected durations, and goals, ensuring transparency and clear goal setting for improved client satisfaction. Easily track client outcomes and progress while ensuring proper data collection and plan customization based on different programs, diagnoses, or payer types.

Assessment Tools

Actively track changes related to addiction, mental health, well-being, domestic violence, medications, disability, and trauma issues with our comprehensive suite of industry-standard and customizable assessment tools. Integrate these assessments into your workflows and patient encounters, ensuring a holistic understanding of each client’s unique needs.

Business Intelligence

Turn data into informed decisions with Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and services. Gain real-time insights to optimize resource allocation, personalize client care, and proactively manage risks. Our suite of BI solutions offers seamless data exchange, on-demand reports, and customizable dashboards designed by behavioral health experts to empower your organization.

Artificial Intelligence

Save time, maintain compliance, and improve client interactions by automatically generating properly formatted clinical notes (DAP, BIRP, Progress Notes, Treatment Plans) based on session transcripts with Qualifacts iQ. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution is designed specifically for behavioral healthcare. This secure, privately hosted technology utilizes advanced large language models (LLMs) trained on our industry-leading data sets.


Propel your growth and success through deep integrations with Qualifacts’ strategic partners including Wiley, Medversant, MethodOne by Computalogic, ASAM, Inovalon, DrFirst, and more. Data flows securely through our OneQ integration layer, allowing access to all connected solutions such as credentialing, medication assisted treatments (MAT), primary care, RCM, BI, and more.

Who We Serve

Qualifacts serves the needs of over 3,000 agencies across all 50 states and of all sizes—from large enterprise agencies to small and private practices.

The CCBHC model offers behavioral healthcare providers an opportunity to deliver integrated care at scale within a support framework that improves financial sustainability and community outreach.

Qualifacts is the leading provider of technology solutions for CCBHCs, partnering with one-third of all participating agencies across the country. We support clinics throughout the CCBHC process and help them meet the rigorous clinical, compliance, and reporting standards of the model.

Establish deeper client connections with an EHR platform built for behavioral health providers, by behavioral health providers. Deliver exceptional care for your communities with workflows, automations, and a suite of tools that are optimized for mental health practices. Grow your agency and expand services with a technology partner that configures solutions unique to your practice, clients and marketplace. 

Focus on the well-being of your clients while smoothly navigating regulations with robust case management tools, patient engagement solutions, and public health reporting functionalities designed specifically for HHS organizations. Seamlessly coordinate care across various agencies and practices, ensuring all approved entities have the information they need to give your clients the top-level care they deserve while keeping data secure. 

To support individuals on the journey of addiction treatment and substance abuse recovery, you need an electronic health record platform that complements your customized workflows, reimbursement models, and integration needs while meeting electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) and prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) mandates. In addition to core EHR capabilities, Qualifacts offers integrated ASAM assessments and supports medication assisted treatment so you expand your enterprise’s capabilities and spend your time supporting your clients every step of the way. 

Your passion is helping people, not navigating complex software. Our EHR built for small and private practices gives you the core EHR features you need today, at a price that makes sense. Your practice and your clients deserve a robust EHR that can grow with you as you expand services with deeply configurable solutions and modules built specifically for behavioral healthcare.

Automate tedious operations to increase efficiency and staff satisfaction and expand your offerings to include virtual care, eRx, and more with Qualifacts EHRs. 

Prioritize community outreach and exceptional client care with a technology platform that eliminates inefficiencies, optimizes workflows, and simplifies documentation. Create meaningful experiences and improve outcomes for your patients with Qualifacts’ end-to-end suite of solutions built by IDD experts. 

Deliver targeted and personalized care with therapy solutions that blend seamlessly into your workflows. Effortlessly integrate notetaking, timesheets, and billing so you can focus on client progress and growing your practice. Unburden your therapists from repetitive administrative routines with a technology partner that understands every aspect of your profession.  

Award-Winning Behavioral Health EHR Software