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Lutheran Social Services of Illinois sought a partnership with the Qualifacts Integration Practice to enhance its CareLogic capabilities through a third party population health management vendor to meet these key objectives:

  • Implement as an Integrated Health Home
  • Manage populations with enhanced efficiency, to track quality and outcomes
  • Share health and social data seamlessly
  • Access medical and behavioral health information to understand the bigger picture of a person’s health
  • Streamline case management and improve communication with automated alerts, reminders and events that pull information from Care Logic and other data sources
  • Leverage real-time insight into care plan updates and observations from external service providers who are directly interacting with clients, to enable quicker interventions
  • Identify disparate levels of need in a population, using automated alerts


The Qualifacts Integration practice is enabling gains in efficiency, time saved and new processes and capabilities for Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, through a partnership with Simply Connect.

The partnership was designed to enhance tools for sharing the right information with healthcare providers at the right time, quickly and easily, through bi-directional communication between CareLogic and Simply Connect.


  • Enhanced patient-centered/patient-directed care through seamless sharing of health and social data
  • Reduced care costs
  • Active participation in health and wellness care
  • Improved health outcomes through mobile, shareable, real-time health data and access to clinical services.
  • Streamlined case management and improved communication with alerts, reminders and events that pull information from CareLogic, and other data sources
  • Real-time insights into care plan updates and observations through quicker interventions
  • Enabling clients to stay in the least restrictive, most independent care setting possible, for as long as possible
  • Access medical information in a secure, easy-to-use Personal Health Record (PHR)
  • Make appointments, choose new providers and get rides to your doctor
  • Add providers, friends, family and others to the virtual care team
  • Choose what information members of the care team can see


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The mission statement of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois is to bring healing, justice, and wholeness to people and communities. Serving Illinois since 1867, Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI) is a nonprofit social service organization of the three Illinois synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). LSSI is the largest statewide social service provider, serving almost 50,000 people across Illinois last year. The organization provides critical programs for the state’s most vulnerable residents including foster care, early childhood development, mental health services, alcohol and drug treatment, home care for seniors, affordable senior housing, residential programs for people with developmental disabilities, and programs that help formerly incarcerated individuals integrate back into society.


Simply Connect provides comprehensive care management that helps providers coordinate care services and gain visibility into outcomes, without placing additional burdens on clinical and administrative staff.


Capabilities help customers quickly, safely and efficiently share information across provider networks to support the interoperability that high quality care requires. Data sharing with care partners and external entities includes labs, HIEs, RHIOs, FQHCs, local hospitals and payer systems. Information shared includes demographics, vitals, diagnosis and problems, medications, allergies, health history, lab results, admissions and discharges.

The benefits for adding supplemental integration capabilities to the CareLogic EHR include efficiencies gained and time saved for providers, data entry staff and front desk staff, and competitive advantages for their organizations in their communities.

The Qualifacts Integration Practice team conducted a Satisfaction Survey, to assess the benefits customers are gaining. Customer responses showed a high realization of benefits and value, including the strategic positioning of being a leading provider with their healthcare partners.


  • 60% of survey respondents credited their Qualifacts integration and interoperability projects with saving staff from 10 hours to 100 hours per month
  • 62% of survey respondents reported that overall staff satisfaction increased with the introduction of tools from the CareLogic Integration Hub to automate sharing client information, freeing staff to focus on care and allowing organizations to use resources more efficiently and effectively.
  • 100% of survey respondents described themselves as “Highly Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied” with the process and working with the Qualifacts team.


What can Qualifacts Integrations do for you?

Issue Qualifacts Solution
Low client engagement Integrate with third-party vendors to communicate directly with clients and support better outcomes.
Inefficient use of staff time with scans, faxes, or manual data entry Send, receive and view information accurately, safely and efficiently
Better support for outcomes and referrals
  • Consistently track and share care information across the provider network, using admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) messages and continuity of care documents (CCD).
  • Automate clinical reconciliation.

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