Implementation Success Story | Seaview Community Services

Implementation Challenges

​Preparing for the value-based changes on the horizon, Seaview Community Services, in Seward, Alaska, needed an Electronic Health Record (EHR) whose integrated platform could weave the Golden Thread through services and claims, bring traceability to documentation and outcomes, and deliver efficiency to providers to support the organization’s growth and expansion, in ways its previous solution couldn’t.


​To support its readiness for the value-based state reporting and payer rules coming its way, Seaview Community Services sought a higher level of interoperability, metrics tracking, data analysis, and status and outcomes reporting than it had. Seaview chose the CareLogic EHR to integrate outcomes and assessments into its treatment plans and reporting, to tie the Golden Thread through services and claims. Key capabilities for Seaview include setting flags and alerts around timely documentation, and validating claims before they go out the door.

“Behavioral health reform in the state means that we needed a new solution to manage the changes,” said Christine Cooper Sheehan, Seaview Chief Executive Officer, as the agency completed the final steps of its CareLogic implementation. “We’re looking to be able to increase our quality of care so our clients are healthier and happier, and that employee satisfaction increases, and retention, and so we are supporting staff in getting things done more efficiently. This is a success for us. We’re miles beyond where we were.”

“We are pleased with CareLogic’s support for the quality of clinical care, and with how CareLogic customization allows us to manage our workflows, configurability, and scheduling, in an integrated platform,” said Tommy Glanton, Seaview Chief Clinical Officer. “We have met 95% of our goals in choosing CareLogic.”

Seaview Community Services chose CareLogic for the EHR platform’s capabilities, its presence in the state, its national reputation, and its certification under the Promoting Interoperability federal program for features needed today and in the future. Seaview has gained success with CareLogic in these key aspects of its mission:

Clinical Documentation and Compliance

​“Experiencing the growth we have without the administrative support from CareLogic for managing and tracking documentation would be hard to imagine,” Glanton said. “We’re not chasing notes for completion and signatures. CareLogic can tell us what we need to know, without having to go into each individual note. CareLogic made it significantly easier to track the time from service to documentation, to comply with the state’s 72-hour rule.”

Overcoming Clinical Scheduling Challenges

​“We’ve been able to really grow our volume of client services and keep things managed at the front desk in ways that were never possible historically,” Sheehan said. “Our productivity has gone way up because of the scheduling management, and the visibility and the transparency into it that we have now. We can look and see where our resources are, and where people are, and make adjustments,” Sheehan said.

“The linkages and the transparency from scheduling to billing has really helped us. That’s been a real success there,” Glanton said.

“Scheduling is huge for us. CareLogic has given us the ability to make sure we’re meeting the needs of our clients, as well as the agency productivity standards for our physicians. We needed a scheduler that is easy to use and reportable, so that we could monitor what was happening,” Sheehan said.

Positive Clinical Claims and Revenue Cycle Management Outcomes

“We were missing a robust integrated system, from scheduling all the way to billing, so we didn’t have to cobble together spreadsheets and clinical records,” Sheehan said. “CareLogic supports us with record keeping that provides transparency across all the programs and the documentation. We can tell what needs to be completed, and what has been completed.”

“We are proud to support Seaview Community Services through their successful CareLogic implementation, and through the coming complexities that Alaska’s changes in state reporting requirements will bring,” said Robert Patton, VP for Implementation Services at Qualifacts + Credible. “Seaview is an umbrella agency that has a centralized management running a diverse array of programs, and it offers a wide range of services in the state. Seaview’s providers are using CareLogic to deliver and track care in ways that best serve its clients.”

Reporting and documentation requirements unique to Alaska as well as those shared by customers across the country are supported in CareLogic by core features that earned the application its 2015Ed ONC Certification. “These capabilities keep CareLogic ready to support current and emerging trends in behavioral healthcare, from value-based care and MACRA MIPS to evidence-based practice, and to improve quality of care, clinical efficiency and effectiveness, interoperability, and patient engagement,” said Mary Givens, Product Manager for Federal Programs at Qualifacts + Credible.

Updates and enhancements to CareLogic for 2015Ed ONC Certification are part of the continued focus on enhancing clinical workflows and features across the CareLogic EHR platform to drive better outcomes, and support data-driven decision making and interoperability.

About Seaview Community Services

SeaView is a non-profit behavioral health agency committed to the provision of behavioral health services that improve lives and relationships. Located in Seward, Alaska, Seaview is the only nationally accredited and state certified Community Behavioral Health Treatment Center on the Eastern Kenai Peninsula. SeaView services include outpatient mental health and substance use disorder treatment, 24/7 psychiatric crisis response, 24/7 behavioral health assisted living home, 24/7 recovery housing, partial hospitalization for substance use disorder treatment, community supports for adults experiencing serious mental illness, and in-school K-12 screening and therapeutic supports​.

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