[Guide] How to Select the Best EHR: For Agencies That Support People with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities and Autism

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The tool How to Select the Best EHR is a guide for agencies that support people with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities and Autism to simplify the EHR purchase process. Whether your organization is dealing with data integration requirements, right-sized utilization, multiple payment models, increased complexity in reporting, or other changes, your electronic health record system is essential to your work. It makes sense to review your technology choices from time to time, especially since compliance and revenue requirements and technology are changing every day.

If you are a staff, financial, or executive leader for an IDD and Austim Care organization, this guide can help you determine whether your current EHR is suitable for your organization, or whether it’s time to make a new selection. Use the worksheets and information here to kick off conversations with your organization’s leadership. Design an EHR search process that will empower you to find the right technology for your organization.

Download: “How to Select the Best EHR: The Guide for Agencies That Support People with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities and Autism” to:

  • Discover the “rights” of an EHR customer
  • Determine if it is the right time for your organization to switch
  • Understand the step-by-step process of researching, purchasing, and implementing your new EHR

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