A Proven EHR Implementation Process with Qualifacts

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Navigating the complex process of EHR software implementation for behavioral health and human services organizations, and the programs and services they support can be daunting.

With Qualifacts, our experts will help guide you through every step of our proven implementation process.

EHR Implementation Phases


1. Discovery

This phase involves creating project plans, gathering data, and coordinating with stakeholders and team members through initiation documents, calls, and presentations.

2. Configuration

Solution building and system configuration occur through teamwork and shared understanding of goals and tasks. Data imports from previous systems are initiated, and walkthroughs of clinical documentation begin. Teams actively participate in shaping their workflows and customizing the process to meet their needs, marking the hands-on phase of the collaborative partnership.

3. Validation and Training

Testing, tuning, and optimization occur to strengthen the choices made with input from subject matter experts. Training helps the organization understand the benefits, efficiencies, and user-friendliness of the new Qualifacts platform, enhancing staff satisfaction.

4. Post Go-Live

You can expect intensive customer support during your go-live. Billing, batching, payment posting, month end close and state reporting support will be covered followed by a tracking and monitoring phase.  
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Learning and Development Support


During the pre-implementation stages of discovery and configuration, you can expect:

Interactive software overview for agency implementation team Introduction to best practice functions and workflows

During the implementation stages of validation and training, you can expect:

Self-paced LMS Learning paths for new users Comprehensive functional training

During the Post Go-Live phase, you can expect:

Monthly webinar series LMS Offerings
Customer Graphic Implementation scaled

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