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Improve client and staff experience

Client Portal with built-in Telehealth Software to reduce administrative burden and deliver a simplified experience for clients and staff

Qualifacts Virtual Care offers everything you need to deliver the modern experience your clients expect, while fostering better outcomes. From client intake to communication and content assignment between sessions, our end-to-end virtual care solution improves how you engage with your clients whenever you aren’t in person—all while reducing manual work required by your staff.

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Reduce administrative work and improve communication with automation

Allow clients to manage appointments through the portal without taking up valuable administrator time

Automatically send appointment reminders to individuals or all clients to increase kept appointments and reduce no shows

Assign forms and capture eSignatures based on appointment type with configurable workflows to free up your staff for more complex tasks

Integration with Qualifacts EHRs ensures data is centralized and reduces the need for duplicative work

Within the portal, message with clients for asynchronous communication, reducing phone calls and back-and-forth emails

Automated appointment confirmations and follow-up messages save time and ensure patients stay informed

Assign content to keep clients engaged outside of scheduled appointments

Improve the client and provider experience

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Video Appointments

With the most integrated portal on the market, providers can launch video appointments and take notes directly in the Qualifacts EHR, while clients can remain in the portal

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Increase Access

Telehealth appointments remove geographical barriers, allowing patients in remote areas or with transportation challenges to connect with therapists easily, from any device

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Secure Messaging

Secure messaging fosters open communication between clients and therapists in a comfortable, asynchronous manner, which is especially helpful for sensitive issues

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Centralize Data

Qualifacts EHR integration ensures centralized access to client data including progress notes, treatment plans, appointment information, and completed forms for better care collaboration

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Keep Clients Engaged

Patient portals offer 24/7 access to resources and support materials, promoting self-management and adherence to treatment plans for your clients

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Build Brand Loyalty

Offer your clients a consistent, dependable experience with a customized white-label patient portal, featuring your organization’s brand front and center

Offer Convenience

The convenience and privacy of telehealth can greatly improve access to mental health services and continuity of care, especially among vulnerable clients and younger adults

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Automate Payments

Automate payment collection and send branded receipts for a convenient patient experience and faster collections for the practice

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Additional Considerations for Behavioral Health

Qualifacts Virtual Care offers HIPAA and SOC 2, Type II compliance and robust data security to protect sensitive patient information.

Additionally, we train your System Administrators on how to use our solutions most effectively, while granting them access to on-demand learning modules and peer-to-peer user groups—so your team will be well-equipped to self-manage your EHR and virtual care experience.

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Remove barriers and increase quality of care with our integrated end-to-end virtual care software.

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