Steppingstone Inc. Uses Integrated EHR to Track Services

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Working with a hybrid mix of paper documentation and installed solutions, Steppingstone, Inc., of Fall River, MA, is a public, non-profit corporation that provides an array of services for individuals dealing with mental illness, substance abuse, and homelessness. Steppingstone needed a single EHR platform to support its clinical documentation, claims, assessments, and organizational metrics for tracking and evaluating the services it provides. Billing was done outside this EHR, and electronic documentation was in use for a fraction of programs and services. Working across fragmented solutions left the organization feeling it needed a better integrated EHR solution to manage the looming demands of value-based reimbursement.


Steppingstone chose the CareLogic EHR platform for its ease of use, efficient and configurable workflows, transparent organizational  metrics integrated into a single EHR platform, and its commitment to knowledgeable and responsive customer support.

Remote Implementation Success

“We have accomplished our goals,” said Colin Haines, IT Director for Steppingstone, Inc. “All programs are documenting with CareLogic, which is where we wanted to be.”

Clinical Documentation Success

“We have enhanced our quality of documentation, timeliness has improved, and we have developed configurable forms that make documentation easier for our providers,” said Michael Hughes, Director of Operations for Steppingstone. “The expansion of telehealth made it easier for some of the clients who don’t have technology gaps. We continue to deliver inpatient services, with appropriate precautions.”

Billing, Claims, and RM Success

“Previously, we had a separate billing service that was a whole standalone function. Today, that function is part of the CareLogic EHR, and we have our own inhouse billing team,” Hughes said. “What we are doing electronically now outpaces what we were doing on paper.”

Data-Driven Decision Making and Organizational Success

We are positioned now to be better able to evaluate what we are doing,” Hughes said. “We have visibility into services delivered and reimbursement that we didn’t have before, and we can pull data out to write grants and track them.”

“To keep up with state and federal requirements and satisfy stakeholders, Steppingstone wanted efficiency, productivity,  high quality and timely clinical documentation, clean claims, data capture and analytics, and visibility into clinical and financial metrics, to optimize operations for the people they serve,” said Robert Patton, Vice President of Implementation Services for Qualifacts. “We worked together  to get Cxt Steppingstone where they wanted to be.”

About SteppingStone, Inc.

Steppingstone Incorporated’s mission is to strengthen the quality of life among individuals and of our community through providing comprehensive client-center programs and services that enhance well-being and promote independence.

Steppingstone’s vision is to excel in empowering individuals and families to reach their highest potentials in mind, body and spirit; achieved through staff development, financial feasibility, developing and expansion of target populations, and community collaboration.

About Qualifacts

Qualifacts is one of the largest behavioral health and human services EHR vendors in the country. Its mission is to partner with customers to support and extend their ability to deliver quality care and improve the lives of the clients they serve. With more than 20 years of experience its products and services help customers achieve interoperability goals, optimize efficiency, improve productivity, and maximize reimbursement. The company offers several EHRs – CareLogic, Credible and InSync – while collaborating to build an even brighter future for partner agencies and their clients.

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