The right software for a small practice- Summerville Physical Therapy

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From the Beginning They Wanted to Stay Away From Paper Records and Implement a Modern EHR/EMR System.

A physical therapy starting from scratch and determined to not use a paper-based system. They found the availability of physical therapy-specific software hard to come by.

A Fresh Start

With more than 25 years of experience as a physical therapist, David Brungo, PT certainly didn’t have anything else to prove. However, the challenge and excitement of starting a private practice drew Mr. Brungo into launching Summerville Physical Therapy and Balance Rehabilitation for Adults. The solo practice, which only includes his wife on staff, is located in Summerville, SC From the beginning, Mr. Brungo and his wife had no interest in the hassle of dealing with paper records and only sought a physical therapy software solution as they opened their doors.

During their search, they realized, that there were very few physical therapy software solutions designed specifically for rehabilitative practices. Those that were available felt like “cookie-cutter” solutions and they ultimately fell short of their expectations.

That initial search, however, didn’t bear much fruit.

Can Physical Therapy Software Be Customized?

“I found it hard to find customization and the specificity we needed for physical therapy with other EMR systems,” said Mr. Brungo. “I have used other EMRs in the past at previous jobs and many were ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions.” Eventually, his search led him to InSync Healthcare Solutions, which boasts a mobile device-friendly system that’s specifically designed to serve physical therapy practices. Summerville utilizes InSync’s exercise library, an interactive site that patients can be directed to individually at home or shown exercise demonstrations in the office.

“I felt InSync provided a very comprehensive tool kit for practicing physical therapy,” Mr. Brungo said. “There’s a lot of customization that’s available, which is really important to us because we are so small. We have a unique focus in our practice, so I was able to customize things to be more relevant in regard to documentation and testing. InSync held our hands and calmed our anxieties as we started up.”

“I’m entirely confident with InSync’s ability to work alongside us as the practice grows in the coming years,” Mr. Brungo added. “Typically, there’s a bit of a learning curve with new clinicians and software but InSync is so user-friendly that I’m confident the learning curve won’t be too steep.”

Flexibility and Mobility

With the InSync physical therapy software, the Summerville practice has gone from a startup to a staple of the community. Utilizing the strength of customizable features and modules that are physical therapy-specific Summerville has found its stride and continues to grow.

Summerville Physical Therapy and Balance Rehabilitation have been InSync Healthcare Solutions’ customers since January 2017.

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