Qualifacts and MethodOne by Computalogic Partner to Elevate Controlled Medication Dispensing for Substance Use Disorders

Qualifacts, the leading provider of end-to-end electronic health record (EHR) software and data solutions for behavioral healthcare organizations, and MethodOne by Computalogic, a comprehensive controlled-medication dispensing solution, announced a strategic partnership to address the escalating opioid epidemic. This collaboration integrates the award-winning EHR platforms from Qualifacts with MethodOne’s signature dispensing and inventory management functionality, providing a powerful and unified solution for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment providers.

The opioid crisis continues to devastate communities across the nation, with overdose deaths reaching alarming rates. Recognizing the urgent need for effective treatment solutions, Qualifacts and MethodOne have joined forces to empower providers with a comprehensive platform that streamlines workflows, enhances patient care, and optimizes revenue cycle management.

“Our partnership with MethodOne represents a significant step forward in the fight against the opioid epidemic,” said Josh Schoeller, CEO of Qualifacts. “By integrating our EHR platform with MethodOne’s robust controlled medication dispensing solution, we are providing addiction and SUD treatment providers with the tools they need to deliver comprehensive, evidence-based care and improve client outcomes.”

Qualifacts-MethodOne Integration

The Qualifacts-MethodOne integration offers a seamless, bi-directional flow of information between the EHR and MAT platforms, eliminating duplicative data entry and simplifying the entire controlled medication dispensing process. This streamlined approach enables providers to focus on delivering exceptional care while ensuring compliance with complex regulatory requirements.

“We are excited to partner with Qualifacts to expand access to our comprehensive controlled medication dispensing solution,” said Keith Jones, CEO of MethodOne by Computalogic. “Together, we are empowering SUD treatment providers to deliver high-quality care, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately save lives.”

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