Positive Education Programs (PEP) Centers Customer Story

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To continue providing behavioral health and autism services for children and adolescents in the Cleveland area, Positive Education Programs (PEP) staff needed an electronic health record (EHR) solution that would meet their documentation, billing, compliance, and customer service needs. As one of Ohio’s largest non-profit agencies dedicated to children, many of whom have experienced significant trauma and chronic stress, PEP is committed to caring for its clients with understanding and support. The right technology would significantly help support both clinical and business outcomes.

PEP needed to find an EHR solution that would support the Ohio Medicaid Behavioral Health Redesign effort and its movement toward more coordinated care and value-based reimbursement. They further required a solution that would easily align with their clinical workflow and streamline business processes. CareLogic’s highly configurable product and deep expertise in Ohio allowed PEP to feel confident in their choice of vendors.

As an Ohio provider, PEP’s first priority for its new EHR was seamless integration with Ohio Medicaid. PEP found that the CareLogic EHR presented the best solution to support and encourage the coordinated care and positive clinical outcomes necessary. CareLogic would also allow PEP to document and bill for additional services through the EHR.

PEP expects the CareLogic EHR to allow its staff the flexibility to manage multiple service types, billing complexities and integrations uniquely required by Ohio payers. With its ongoing, end-user training for clinicians and robust state user groups to offer additional support and peer learning opportunities, CareLogic will provide PEP with the education and training necessary for ongoing success with their new EHR.


Since its founding in 1971, PEP has maintained that every child – no matter the situation, struggle, or circumstance – should experience some joy in each day. As one of Ohio’s largest non-profit agencies committed to children, PEP provides services – both direct and consultative in nature – for children with severe mental health and behavioral challenges, their families and the professionals who support them. PEP is committed to understanding and overcoming the significant trauma and chronic stress experienced by many of the children they serve. Programs include six PEP Day Treatment Centers, PEP Connections, PEP Early Childhood Plus and PEP Assist.

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