Masada Homes | Carelogic Los Angeles Success Story


Due to the clinical, financial, operational, and structural complexities of providing, documenting, and billing for mental health care and social services in Los Angeles County, Masada Homes needed an integrated EHR platform partner that was experienced in the environment and could work quickly.


Masada Homes chose the CareLogic EHR platform from Qualifacts due to its footprint in the Los Angeles County region, its deeply held knowledge of local regulatory and compliance changes, its permanent commitment to keeping ahead of ongoing changes, and its experienced subject matter experts.

“We knew Qualifacts and we knew CareLogic, and we knew the expertise and the investment in LA County,” said Patricia Tindbaek, Chief Administrative Officer for Masada Homes. “Due to critical business needs, we required a rapid EHR implementation, and our CareLogic team accomplished that with us.”


Masada Homes felt confident in pursuing a speeded up EHR implementation with CareLogic and Qualifacts, which requires a higher than usual level of commitment from all participating project stakeholders, but the critical business need made the added risk and effort worth it: “We knew we could do it, because we knew we had the right people on the project,” Tindbaek said. “We had really positive interactions with informed and involved team members, who had the background knowledge to give us the guidance we needed. We are Los Angeles County specific, and LA county has all kinds of quirks. The CareLogic team is familiar with the process, and having them there when we need them is so valuable.”

“Our business is 100 percent LA County DMH and if that doesn’t go well, we don’t get paid”


Los Angeles County requires specific and detailed clinical documentation: “Our CareLogic team knew what we needed, and they worked with us to create the flexibility in our forms and our inputs, from the configuration of the system to the service documents,” Tindbaek said. “They know what we need, and how to support it. The outcomes and assessment tools available through CareLogic demonstrate the good work our teams are doing and the successes they are having with our clients, as we track and measure outcomes across programs.”


Los Angeles County billing is specific and detailed, and it has its own requirements. CareLogic built Los Angeles County specific revenue cycle management tools, and its subject matter experts are committed to continuous updates to support accurate and timely reimbursement for services provided. “CareLogic has made being able to claim and receive payments very straightforward and simple, and batch eligibility has been a key component of that. We have gained the benefit of working with an EHR partner that we don’t have to explain everything to,” Tindbaek said. “Throughout our implementation and into the support cycle, the CareLogic subject matter experts have been responsive to our questions, and their follow through has enabled us to efficiently manage our cash flow using data from the EHR.”


Masada Homes is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting emotional wellness throughout our community. We strive to offer comprehensive and accessible mental health and social services to children, youth, adults and their families.

Masada is committed to supporting the well-being of those we serve. We understand that developing life-long skills for improving and preserving emotional health is critical to the success of an individual. Our staff is highly trained and equipped to offer our clients the vital tools to improve the quality of their lives.

Over the years Masada has added services and locations to keep up with the demand for innovative and accessible treatment programs. Masada now provides a complete range of community-based mental health services to children, adults and families.


Qualifacts is one of the largest behavioral health and human services EHR vendors in the country. Its mission is to partner with customers to support and extend their ability to deliver quality care and improve the lives of the clients they serve. With more than 20 years of experience its products and services help customers achieve interoperability goals, optimize efficiency, improve productivity, and maximize reimbursement. The company offers several EHRs – CareLogic, Credible and InSync – while collaborating to build an even brighter future for partner agencies and their clients. 

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