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What can industry-leading EHR technology solutions offer you? In a word, empowerment. Qualifacts provides innovative technology, world-class support, and total partnership that puts the power of efficiency to work for your people and those you serve. Our platforms and solutions can give you a functional edge that provides comprehensive and highly configurable solutions for your whole management checklist, including scheduling, billing, and reporting solutions. Wherever complexities exist, we see opportunities to simplify, streamline, and support. Ultimately, that frees up more time so that you can shift your focus to where it matters most—delivering exceptional care.

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As one of the largest EHR companies in the country, Qualifacts offers revolutionary support for behavioral health, human services, and rehabilitative services. The technology and services that we provide enhance how our customers deliver quality care, make it possible for them to achieve exceptional outcomes, and improve the lives of the individuals they serve. We draw upon 20 years of experience and direct input from our customers to inform our products and services, and the result is solutions that empower our customers to achieve interoperability goals, optimize efficiency, improve productivity, and maximize reimbursement.

Our Story

Our Story

Everything works better with a balance, an intuitive flow—but achieving harmony within care can be easier said than done. Behind the scenes, tension spirals out of control when logistics start to overwhelm. In an already high-stress environment, your team can feel stretched thin—caught between too many gaps without the luxury of problem-solving time. This can feed a cycle of perpetual day-to-day stress—but it doesn’t have to.  

Care delivery is complex and rarely linear. Qualifacts provides an answer to complexities that elevates behavior health, rehabilitative, and human services for everyone involved. 

With empowerment as our common thread, we enhance every aspect of agency management, from the clerical to the clinical. Harmonize your organizational workflow. Manage your caseload, schedule, and documentation from anywhere. 

Clinicians must be fully present with the people they serve. Day in and day out, we help you focus on what matters within your agency. We don’t just serve up technology—we initiate pathways to empowerment. We’re here to help you help more—more people, more clients, more communities, and more outcomes. 

Here, visionaries lead the way.

Beyond credentials and impressive track records, our leaders have real-world perspective, with direct experience in behavioral health, rehabilitative, and human services. At Qualifacts, we know it takes visionary leaders to create a culture of empowerment. 


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With us, all career paths lead to empowerment.

Work inside an atmosphere where innovation has purpose, and your ambition works to support our customers and those they serve. 


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I am very grateful to be working with an organization that is actively trying to make the world a better place and it’s giving me the opportunity to use my skills in ways that best advance the company’s goals. Mostly though I am grateful for the team around me! 

Marc Hall
Senior Communications Specialist

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The pace of progress is always accelerating, and we are proud to be part of the momentum shaping it. Connect to our perspective, our press, and our publicity—and stay connected for the journey.

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