Behavioral Health Organizations Face Mounting Pressure: Qualifacts and OPEN MINDS Partner to Offer Crucial Industry Insights Via March 25th Webinar

Behavioral Healthcare | An Evolving Landscape

The behavioral health care landscape is experiencing a period of significant transformation. New health care policies and increasing financial pressures are forcing organizations to adapt and innovate to ensure continued success. The complexity associated with billing, reimbursement, documentation, and compliance is at an all-time high and increasing exponentially.

In recognition of these challenges, Qualifacts, the leading technology provider of electronic health records (EHR) solutions developed specifically for behavioral health and human services, and OPEN MINDS, a leading authority in market intelligence and management solutions for healthcare organizations, have collaborated to provide a framework for survival and growth.

Sharon Hicks, a Senior Associate with OPEN MINDS said, “In the current health care environment, correct and detailed information about services delivered is key to financial success. To assure that an organization is able to compete, a sophisticated and configurable revenue cycle management system is imperative.”

Both Qualifacts and OPEN MINDS recognize that revenue cycle management (RCM) is the single most important area for organizations to focus on when navigating this complexity. Implementing a robust RCM strategy can empower organizations to optimize revenue capture, minimize inefficiencies, and gain valuable insights to drive long-term financial stability.

Charles Reitano, Senior Vice President of RCM with Qualifacts, commented, “The future of behavioral health care is not just about treating clients; it’s about treating your practice as a business. RCM is the key to unlocking its full potential.”

A free executive webinar, “Future-Proofing Your Practice: How RCM Strategies Can Make or Break Your Performance and Growth,” will be held on March 25th, 2024, at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the OPEN MINDS platform. It will feature industry experts Charles Reitano, SVP of Revenue Cycle Management at Qualifacts, and Sharon Hicks, Senior Associate at OPEN MINDS. With over 55 years of experience between them, the conversation will delve into the most relevant and critical topics for behavioral health organizations, including:

  • Challenges and Distinctions of the Current Behavioral Healthcare Landscape
  • Innovations and Technology Solutions in Behavioral Healthcare RCM
  • Value-Based Care (VBC), Alternative Payment Models (APM), and RCM Alignment
  • How to Implement a Transformative RCM Strategy

By attending this webinar, behavioral health leaders will gain the actionable knowledge needed to survive this period of unprecedented complexity and the strategic insights to transform this chaos into a competitive advantage.

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