Texas Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) Chooses Qualifacts Credible EHR

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Qualifacts, a leading provider of electronic health record (EHR) solutions for behavioral health, rehabilitative, and human services organizations, has announced that the Center for Life Resources (CFLR) in Texas is their newest Texas Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) customer, totaling five so far. They have selected the Qualifacts Credible EHR to provide a comprehensive suite of services including virtual care, mobile documentation, and analytics capabilities to track outcome measures and program performance.

Center for Life Resources is further qualified as a Texas Certified Community Behavioral Health Center (T-CCBHC). Qualifacts has extensive experience in working with CCBHCs and will support CFLR by providing expertise in quality measures, integrated treatment plans, and advanced state reporting capabilities that meet CFLR’s unique CMHC requirements.

Qualifacts is the ideal partner for CFLR in part because of its Texas state presence and industry partnerships. Qualifacts facilitates state user groups and special topic user groups, such as CCBHC, that are peer-led and supported by subject matter experts for its customers. Another key strength is the Credible EHR’s ability to configure forms to meet the state requirements for Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) services.

“Qualifacts’ dedicated implementation team helped us ensure the Credible EHR can meet all our program requirements, shift from paper-based programs, and avoid patching up our systems,” said Tammie McKelvy, Chief of Utilization/Quality Management, CCBHC Director at CFLR. “Their system accommodates our residential services, IDD requirements, and state mandates.”

Furthermore, Qualifacts is also taking steps to ensure CFLR billing and clinical activities are streamlined and uninterrupted.

“We are thrilled to add Center for Life Resources to our growing list of more than 100 Texas customers,” said Scott Phillips, CEO of Qualifacts. “Our Credible EHR is tailored to Texas providers’ needs, from configurable forms for optimized workflows and state reporting to disconnected mobile solutions–and our team is dedicated to helping Texas providers thrive.”



Center for Life Resources The Center for Life Resources provides a wide variety of services, from adult mental health, children’s mental health, substance use services, peer support, Intellectual or Development Disabilities (IDD).

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