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Virtual-first patient and provider experience

What are you looking for in a telehealth platform for behavioral health?

Your chosen vendor should ensure that your experience is personalized for both you and your patients. Before you decide on a telehealth platform for behavioral health, ask if it offers a virtual-first patient and provider experience.

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Interoperability in healthcare ensures providers have all the patient data they need at their fingertips to effectively and accurately provide care. However, interoperability and telehealth integrations are only just starting to become a priority for many behavioral health companies.

To address this challenge, behavioral health companies can look to APIs and other software integrations to connect systems and access data without restrictions, eliminate manual and repetitive data entry, and maximize efficiency across every workflow. Here are some things to consider when choosing an integrated telehealth solution:

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Security and Privacy

A crucial consideration when choosing a telehealth platform for behavioral health is patient confidentiality. OnCall sets the standard with exceptional privacy and security features that meet HIPAA and PIPEDA standards. When deciding which telehealth software for behavioral health is best suited for your company, ask if they offer features that ensure gold-standard security and compliance.

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Virtual Care Delivery

Your telehealth operations solution should help you deliver exceptional individual and group virtual care via video, instant messaging, and subscription plans. When you’re ready to select a telehealth vendor, ask if they provide exceptional virtual care delivery tools.

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Data and Analytics

Do you know how telehealth is impacting your company? Measuring the strength of your company’s telehealth programs is key to a successful long-term growth strategy. With this data, you’ll not only be able to track how patients engage, but provider adoption and utilization, appointments completed, and billing metrics on a provider and company level.

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Finding a telehealth platform for behavioral health that has a committed customer success team makes implementing and maintaining your telehealth programs that much easier.

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There are many considerations for healthcare companies looking to invest in telehealth for their providers and patients. Ensuring providers are set up for success, offering accessible services and support for patients, and finding ways to integrate technology to make it easier to provide care are just a few. By reimagining healthcare delivery and choosing technology that is efficient, patient-centric, and secure healthcare organizations and their providers can revolutionize how they provide care with a connected system powering their operations.

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