Qualifacts Announces the General Availability of Qualifacts iQ Behavioral Health AI Solution

Qualifacts, the leading provider of end-to-end electronic health record (EHR) software and data solutions for behavioral health, rehabilitative, and human services organizations, today announced the general availability of Qualifacts® iQ. This highly anticipated behavioral health artificial intelligence (AI) solution’s initial use case focuses on automated clinical documentation, which is now generally available to Credible and CareLogic customers using the OnCall Virtual Care solution.

With direct input from Qualifacts customers and experts in the field, Qualifacts iQ will help providers save significant time, maintain compliance, and improve focus on serving clients.

“We partnered with an excellent group of leading behavioral health organizations to pilot our Qualifacts iQ AI solution. Our early adopters confirmed that Qualifacts iQ meets or exceeds their documentation standards while saving clinicians and staff significant time in documentation,” said Nicholas Chepesiuk, Vice President of Innovation at Qualifacts. “We are excited to continue advancing this technology as a key part of our offering.”

Qualifacts iQ is purpose-built to tackle critical challenges in the behavioral healthcare field, including clinician burnout and workforce shortages. By automating time-consuming tasks like clinical documentation, Qualifacts iQ empowers clinicians to dedicate more time to what matters most—providing quality care to their clients and improving access to underserved communities.

With nearly half of Americans living in mental health workforce shortage areas, Qualifacts iQ is a crucial step forward,” said Josh Schoeller, CEO of Qualifacts. “This innovative solution empowers our customers to deliver exceptional care while simplifying documentation workflows, addressing clinician burnout, and improving access to quality care.”

Key Highlights and Customer Benefits:

  • Significantly Reduce Documentation Time and Maintain Compliance: Qualifacts iQ aims to cut clinical documentation time in half through AI-powered note generation while maintaining accuracy and compliance.
  • Improved Clinician Satisfaction and Reduced Burnout: Automating note creation frees clinicians from tedious paperwork, boosting satisfaction and reducing burnout.
  • Enhanced Client Care: By streamlining workflows, Qualifacts iQ allows clinicians to spend more quality time with clients, leading to better patient outcomes.
  • Leveraging Expertise and Security: Qualifacts iQ leverages cutting-edge AI technology within a secure, private environment hosted alongside Qualifacts’ EHRs and data sets to ensure the highest data security and regulatory compliance.
  • Ongoing AI Advancements: Specifically designed for deep integration with the company’s EHRs, Qualifacts also plans to expand Qualifacts iQ’s functionality to include additional use cases, such as suggestive intelligence, smart scheduling, predictive modeling and alerting, enhanced quality assurance, and more.

Behavioral health and human service organizations seeking to streamline workflows, improve clinician satisfaction, and enhance client care are encouraged to visit qualifacts.com/iq to learn more about Qualifacts iQ and schedule a demo.