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Kodiak Area Native Association (KANA) Transforms Behavioral Healthcare with Qualifacts and the CareLogic EHR Solution

When the Kodiak Area Native Association (KANA), in Alaska, selected Qualifacts and the CareLogic EHR solution, they urgently needed enhancements and efficiencies in clinical documentation workflows, compliance management, state reporting support, and e-billing management. “Previously, we were working in EHRs that weren’t developed for behavioral health, which made everything more difficult,” said Candice Jacobs, Program Manager for KANA Behavioral Health.

Going on six months after KANA celebrated its October 2023 CareLogic Go Live date, staff satisfaction is high, stress is lower, and the gains of switching to the Qualifacts solution are apparent across the organization.

“Qualifacts developed CareLogic specifically for behavioral health, and starting there makes everything easier,” Candice Jacobs, Program Manager, KANA

Alaska’s specific, detailed, timeframe-driven clinical documentation and state reporting requirements are supported by alerts and notifications within CareLogic that give staff and supervisors visibility, accountability, and urgency for aligning tasks with dates. “We know the status of work that needs to be completed and data that needs to be reported within the compliance deadline, so we can manage documentation as required. That visibility also enables us to report timely, and file claims timely,” Jacobs said.

KANA’s leadership and clinicians partnered closely with their Qualifacts implementation team to build their CareLogic treatment plan to meet compliance needs and also to support their own clinical best practices. Workflows are differentiated by programs and services, with tasks presented in the correct order for staff. “Our clinicians are working how they want to work, in the right sequences of steps and questions for assessments, diagnosis, and treatment planning. The visibility into outcomes shows staff at a glance how people are progressing,” Jacobs said.

Structuring the CareLogic treatment plan to align with KANA’s programs and services also supports organizational success. “The differentiation lets us easily report on enrollment and staffing to understand how to best utilize our resources,” Jacobs said. “When we were building those paths with the Qualifacts team and our clinical staff during our implementation, there wasn’t a question they didn’t have an answer for. We had never been able to do that before.”

Today, KANA teams are using CareLogic’s self-service capabilities to adapt to changes as needed. “We have the knowledge and the tools to make updates and reconfigure workflows on an ongoing basis to enhance clinical success and organizational success,” Jacobs said. “We couldn’t do that previously.”

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