What to Expect When Implementing Telehealth Software with Qualifacts OnCall

Telehealth Software Implementation

You’ve purchased Qualifacts OnCall’s telehealth software for your behavioral health company and are eager to implement the platform and onboard your team. What are all steps you need to take to make it a successful implementation?

We’ve developed an onboarding and implementation plan that you can use to better understand how we work with your team to map workflows, build your white label patient portal, and train your staff so you can start using Qualifacts OnCall’s telehealth software quickly and easily.

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Here’s a summary of what you can expect:

The team:

It’s important that the right team members from your company are involved in the implementation process from the outset. Your Qualifacts OnCall team includes your Customer Success Manager, Account Executive, Implementation manager, and Solutions Engineer. This team always invites your clinical director, IT (Information Technology) specialists, and any virtual care managers to participate in the onboarding process.

The process:

The workflow mapping, technical and brand implementation, white label patient portal development, and training can take 6 weeks. You will start by working with Qualifacts OnCall to map and optimize your existing workflow with our telehealth software, and then continue to tweak your workflow to ensure it fits the unique needs of your providers and patients. Each week also includes various technical tasks like developer account creation and Stripe account set up, as well as various branding activities such as sharing your logo, colors, and other assets with your Qualifacts OnCall team. Your implementation team will walk you through every task and help you complete weekly assignments to continue implementing your telehealth software.

The training:

Qualifacts OnCall’s support team is always available to help your providers and patients during and after implementation. We offer support packages that include email, phone, and chat support, which you can leverage to ensure your team has all the resources you need to deliver virtual care effectively. Provider training and education is also a key step in the onboarding process, where our team meets with yours to ensure everyone knows how to successfully use Qualifacts OnCall’s telehealth software to manage and deliver care. This includes your providers and administration teams across states, programs, and verticals.

You can learn more about the Qualifacts OnCall’s implementation process and what to expect by scheduling a call with our expert team here.

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