How to Reduce Healthcare Administrative Costs by 14% with Patient Engagement Software

Reduce Healthcare Administrative Costs

Administrators working for behavioral health companies have a wide range of responsibilities. They are often tasked with completing patient admissions and intake, data collection, insurance verification, and billing. Administrators work tirelessly to ensure providers are set up to complete appointments successfully, while also making sure that service and program requirements are met. This may mean being in constant contact with patients to send and help them complete forms, provide consent, or schedule additional appointments. Administrators are needed to make sure behavioral health organizations run smoothly, but this can often come at the price of redundancy, high labor costs, and human error.

Administrative costs account for 15% to 25% of total national healthcare expenditures, reaching a whopping $3.8 trillion in 2019 alone. Behavioral health company leaders and decision-makers are looking for new ways to curb costs while still delivering the best patient experience. Many have invested in an integrated EHR and telehealth software solution for behavioral health that ensures data flow between systems to reduce redundancy. Leaders have also looked to patient engagement software to help digitize patient intake and admissions with automations and patient reminders. So how can your behavioral health company do the same? Below are two visualizations that examine the differences between behavioral health companies using patient engagement and telehealth software versus companies who don’t.

2023 AdminDIL withOnCall Updated

You’ll see that OnCall’s patient engagement and telehealth software reduces the steps required for an administrator to complete patient intake, scheduling, insurance, and billing. Most of OnCall’s workflow is completed through automations that require little-to-no manual intervention. Patients who use OnCall are much less likely to miss appointments because they receive automated reminders, technical onboarding, and can instant message their providers at any time for help. They also have unlimited access to their health data through the organization’s white label patient portal that keeps patients consistently engaged with their care.

Unlike behavioral health companies who don’t use patient engagement and telehealth software, patients who do have access can self-schedule appointments through their branded patient portal or provider’s webpage, without having to call an administrator. Overall, patient engagement and telehealth software for behavioral health, such as OnCall’s solution, can save your company up to 14% in administrative time.

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