How to Increase Patient Satisfaction with a White Label Telehealth Portal

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Cultivating a gold-standard patient experience is essential in behavioral health. This is especially true as many patients, especially IDD (intellectual and development disabilities) patients, require additional resources and assistance throughout treatment. Although many behavioral health agencies see virtual care and a white label telehealth portal as a key part of their business, they continue to deliver this care through disparate and unreliable patient tools. They may use point products such as a video solution, a call centre, or even unsecure email and phone to capture patient information and complete telehealth appointments. Not only do point products cause confusion for both the patient and provider, but they result in a negative patient experience overall.

How do behavioral health agencies create and sustain a positive patient experience that increases patient retention and graduation rates? We believe that an integrated telehealth and patient portal is the key to delivering high quality behavioral health across every vertical, be it addiction, mental health, and autism care. A patient portal that includes telehealth tools such as digital onboarding and eSignature, automatic appointment reminders, and instant messaging features encourages patients to connect and engage with their providers throughout treatment. Outside of traditional appointment settings, a patient portal enables patients to access their health information at any time, review provider reports, and send information to caregivers securely and safely. In fact, “Patients are more likely to accept medical care and follow treatment plans if they feel they communicate well with their providers.”

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A quality patient experience is also directly tied to better patient outcomes. When patients have access to a library of content they can read and review between appointment to supplement care, and can sign up for subscription services easily, they are more likely to comply with their treatment plans and see better outcomes. So how can your behavioral health agency deliver a better patient experience? Below is a visualization that highlights the patient experience through Qualifacts’ OnCall. We review the digital onboarding process, telehealth experience, and follow up each patient may experience through their white label patient portal.

Unlike behavioral health agencies who don’t use patient engagement and telehealth software, patients who do have access can self-schedule appointments through their branded patient portal or provider’s webpage, without having to call an administrator. Overall, patient engagement and telehealth software for behavioral health, such as Qualifacts’ OnCall solution, can increase patient satisfaction to 98%.

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