Highland River Center Success Story using Qualifacts’ EHR platform, CareLogic®

“CareLogic is so much better than what we had – the clinical forms, documentation, and schedule. Everything is so much better.” 

Cheryl Lewis, Director of Outpatient Services, Highland River Center, Georgia

Highland River Center was challenged to efficiently meet the ever-changing requirements for full documentation to support clean and accurate claims. They wanted a more efficient, easy-to-use solution for assessment instruments that would help them elevate the quality of care while complying with payers and regulators.

Switching to CareLogic® from a previous EHR vendor brought improvements in functionality, revenue cycle management, usability, support, technical assistance, and training that improved their service delivery and consumer satisfaction.

After the hands-on guidance and support the Qualifacts implementation team delivered, saying yes to be a CareLogic | IMPACT PRO™ beta site for tablet-based assessment instruments was an easy decision. CareLogic | IMPACT PRO enabled Highland River Center consumers to self-report and complete instruments on iPad tablets for immediate scoring and integration into the CareLogic clinical care record.

“Easy-to-use, Highland River Center efficiently and effectively delivers and documents client care faster. With CareLogic being so time and date sensitive, we were able to be a lot more mindful of how quickly things were taken care of,” Lewis said. “We have a rule now that documentation will be done within 24 hours. We can run reports on that.”

The improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of delivering and documenting client care were clearly visible:

  • Staff completed documentation more quickly.
  • Claims went out faster and cleaner.
  • Metrics for care and for revenue improved.

Interested to learn more on how Qualifacts and its EHR platform, CareLogic, is helping Highland River Center simplify complexity? Read the full success story.

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